Saturday, March 7, 2009

wake up call

hahaha...lawak eh... i was at Hakim's room, dreaming of lovely stuff when suddenly i heard a song which sounded very familiar; it was my phone ringing... on the screen written "nana"... so i thought i was still in my dream realm... tried to answer her call, but i did't make it on time to press the 'answer' key. so i tried to call...nope, couldn't be reached. the phone rang again and this time, i was prepared. so i answered:

me: hello... [hello]
nana: hello~ Sapri... [ hello~ Sapri... ]
me: oi, pahal...(nada mamai) [yes~ what's up? (sounded very sleepy)]
nana: sine ktk? [where are you?]
me: di uo, bilit Hakim. Pahal nana? [in Hakim's room in UO. What's the matter?]
nana: Sapri, boleh sik tlg... (pls3x...i heard Hai's voice while nana is talking) [Sapri, could you do me a favor? (i can hear Hai's voice "pls3x")
me: tlg apa? [sure2...How can i help?]
nana: tlg...bla bla bla.... [be our bla bla bla....]

So, why did she call? well, she requested me to help them instructing an aerobic session. I was actually still very much sleeping at that time but after being told that they would want me to become an instructer, i rose from bed and quickly get ready as Zek's and a friend were on their way to fetch me...(that girl, can really drive... ask Zek... amazing...)

So i helped.... and I am very happy to help them... they live happily ever after...hehehe

Monday, March 2, 2009


I'm in Literature Tutorial class right now. I love literature but irresponsible people made me hate it. Maybe it is not so much of hating literature but rather i hate the people responsible to make learning fun. Unfortunately, leaning right now is not fun at all!!! He seems to be very emotional right now after he made a call. I SERIOUSLY HATE THIS CLASS RIGHT NOW!!!