Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gosh! Poor Aleezee(my car)

May 20th 2011, few days after Teacher's Day, i received a shock of my life when I heard a sudden crash sound from the back of my beloved car. It was supposed to be a good day but it ended up with an accident involving my students' motorcycle and my car. As much as I dont want to be selfish, the impact the motorcycle had on my car had crashed the bumper and i was devastated.

I dont know what people would normally do but my conscience got the best of me. I went helping the boy worrying bout his safety. He was okay, except for the minor scratches he had on his arm. No bones were broken. But my heart was definitely crushed after seeing the damage to my car. I guess it's better to have a broken bumper than having broken bones.

It was not entirely the boy's fault. I think i'm guilty for not being aware of my surrounding. Next time, when you have teenagers riding close to you, do be conscious. These boys can sometimes be reckless.

The damage has been done :'(

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

I would love to dedicate this entry to all teachers out there. One's life would never be the same without teachers. Due to that, i would love to wish every teacher everywhere, a Happy Teacher's Day.

Speaking about teachers, they surely have great impact in my life. They are the ones responsible making me wanting to be just like them. They have been so influential that I've been dreaming to become a teacher since i was a little boy.

Being a teacher makes me understand why one should be appreciative for what their teachers have done to them. Regardless on the amount of knowledge they taught you, most importanty they have only 1 aim... to make you successful.

To Cikgu Jamilah, Cikgu Fancy, Cikgu Anuar Boh, Cikgu Anuar Alim, Cikgu Mat Jeli, Cikgu Kang, Cikgu Sutin, Cikgu Ghani, Cikgu Tahot, all teachers from SK Hj. Kelali Semera, Cikgu Hussain, Cikgu Kalzanawati, Cikgu Nasabah, Cikgu Kadri, Cikgu Jamal, Cikgu Nizam, Cikgu Densi, Cikgu Wasan, Cikgu Mohd Ali, Cikgu Jamil, Cikgu Faridah, Cikgu Keti, Cikgu Rohani, Cikgu Siti, Cikgu Adenan, Cikgu Kho Ling Ling, Cikgu Appoloneus, Cikgu Bong Li Jun, Cikgu Azri Abdullah, Cikgu Nora, Cikgu Wasli, Ustazah Nastum, Ustaz Khairul Subhi, Ustaz Yazid, Cikgu Yus and all teachers from SMK Sadong Hilir (SEMERA)...