Thursday, July 16, 2009

it ends here

It has been almost 2 months for Ashairi, Kak Nadia, Puspa, Maryani, Aisyah and I being a part of Jalil. I personally has so many sweet memories in SMK Abdul Jalil, and i'm very sure the rest feel the same way too. Having assigned to do my practical in SMK Abdul Jalil, the first thought that came to my mind was the attitude of the students. First few days, nobody greeted us. The students seemed so rude. Later, upon knowing the 6 of us, they started to greet us.

Few weeks later, Astro showed a programme where Ashairi and I was in the programme. The teachers as well as the students saw it and when we were back in Abdul Jalil, all the teachers asked whether or not the 2 guests in the show were us. They were shocked to see me with a very long hair. I was scared if the management would take some disiplinary action. But they didn't.

And the students...they were so excited when they know that it was us in the show. Everywhere Ash and I go to, the students would shout "Jangan Lupa Lirik...Yea yea..." of they would sing songs from the programme. Instead of feeling angry with their attitude, i use it as an X factor to get their attention. Now, everytime i enter a class for relief, they would ask me to sing, or play a game mimicking the gameshow.

Today, while typing this entry, I'm felingvery sad. So many things happened in such a short time. I've always wanted to be a teacher even after knowing the ugly truth of the responsibility that i have to bare with. It doesn't matter. As long as you love something, no matter how irrelavent, or uninteresting it may be, you will find joy in it.

To SMK Abdul Jalil's management. Thanks for giving my friends and I a glimpse of what it is like to be a teacher.

To all the teachers, thanks for all the lovely advice and delicious food. Thanks for being so supporting whenever we needed help.

To all the students, you are all very talented and you have different ability. Find the potential and do the best out of it.

To the English panels, thanks for all the support and advice. I wish you alll the very best to make the standard of English in SMK Abdul Jalil better.

To 1Ikhlas, I'm very sorry for being very strict with all of you. I believe that you're capable of learning English. You just need to work harder. I pray to God that you would all be successful. It was fun teaching all of you.

To 2Ceria, it is a plasure to teach you. You are all vary in your talent as well as your potential. Be 1... Your class is missing something which is called respect. RESPECT yourself and your friends. That is the only thing that is stopping you from having good co-operation among your class member. Is was fun teaching you guys. I'm very sorry if ever i hurt you all. I wish you all the best for exams to come and for your future.

I'm not leaving, I'm just away...Thanks ('',)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

making a STATEMENT

to all dear readers, do not be dishearted with my previous entry. I'm sorry to have complaining so much about SMK Abdul Jalil but facts remain as facts. After almost 2 months, i learn a lot from the school. i'm enjoying myself now. actually, the entry was written when i was not in a good mood. but now, i'm actually learning a lot of precious things from the school. I'm going to have a difficult time leaving this school.
to all the teachers of SMK Abdul Jalil, i'm very sorry if ever i did anything wrong. i hope my visit to the school brings sweet memories rather than a bad ones.
to the English panels, thanks for the support and love. I learnt a lot from all of you.
to all the students, I wish you all luck for you life. To 2Ceria and 1Ikhlas, I'm going to miss all of you. do keep in touch yea. keep on learning English. You may not see the rationale now but someday you will know why i force all of you to use English.
To SMK ABDUL JALIL...thanks for the memories.