Sunday, November 23, 2008

few days with Queen Eva...hahaha...Borex yg disayangi

Borex's is spending his holidays in KL right now. He's actually coming here for his cousin's graduation. I'm extremely happy that i finally meet him after so long. I love him more than i love my own brothers. He's one person everybody would love to spend time with. He's lovable, funny and very down to earth. When we fetched Bor at the LCCT, it feels like i've not been meeting him for a loooooooooooong time. We directly went to KL central as Bor had to meet his cousins and his nephew there. So Hakim steadily drove us there, not knowing much about the direction yet still in control and confident. At last, we reached KL central and there, we met Vanessa, Bor's x classmate aka my senior. We were so happy to see each other. It was like dreaming, out of so many places, we met there. It was like MAGIC...hahaha...lebih2...

Later that night, we met Bor's cousins, Hendry x2 and his nephew, Rommy@Rommie. Hendry x2 were just arriving there from KLIA. there, the met Rommy who is studying in USM campus KL and he is staying in Puchong. As the 2 Hendrys have no place to stay, so Rommy invited them to stay with him. Most of his roomates have gone back to their home town so he thought it would be best if Hendry x2 and Bor stay with him. So there they were, in KL central, thinking how to go back to Puchong. At first they decided to take a Taxi but is was so expensive so at last i suggested Hakim should drive them to Puchong instead of taking taxi. We ended up 'SARDINE'izing ourselves in the Kancil, 6 people squeezing ourselves and trying to survive until we reach our destination in which the road Rommy failed to recall. After taking a wrong entry, we ended up in Seputih, somewhere we are all unfamiliar with. I noticed few -ve and few +ve of Malaysian cars that night. [(-ve) -Kancil is so damn small!!! squeezing 6 people gave me a terrible back bone pain. Unless you are a gymnast, do not dare to to do so. ] [(+ve) -Despite small, Malaysian cars are very fuel savvy. We all had a terrible time searching for gas station. As Hakim only filled the tank with RM10 in which i dont know the equivalent in liter, maybe around 4-5 liters, we thought that the tank would be empty but we magically survive.]

We reached Rommy's place at around 2 a.m. and we were all so tired. We had a little chat and not forgetting a little supper of the "KOLOK MEE" that Bor bought and brought all the way from Sarawak. Thanks Bor... at least i got to relief the feelings of missing Sarawak so badly. Later, everyone dozed to sleep and we woke up rather early that morning as Hakim and I had to go back and get ourselves clean before we can proceed with the next plan with Bor.

Later that day...

Bor, Hakim and I went to the Mines and later to Midvalley. In Midvalley, we jumped from one shop to another. There were like trillion of people crowding Midvalley. I hate going there during school holidays. It give me a terrible headache seeing too many people there. Besides, it would be dangerous too. There are too many hand smiths aka pickpockets in Malaysia. After few hours, Hakim and I had to bid farewell as i have a dance practice that night. Bor and the rest proceeded to somewhere Bor calls "Kotaraya", hehehe...

at first, i picked the on that Bor wears and Bor picked the one that i wear. Eventually, we bought what we it was like Bor picked for me and I picked for him.

As usual, Hakim is on serious diet...doa2 la nya kurus. nya nak kurus mcm Afiq bah.

muka2 penat lepas round2 Midvalley.

Bor kenja!!! That's Kime in the middle. Hakim's friend.

The next day...

The next day was a day i wont be able to forget. A day full of tickling memories. I joined Bor and the rest to Sunway Piramid, a place i've always wanted to go. We went ice skating, yea!!! I was a first timer. I've never skate before. It was very frightening keeping myself balance on the slippery ice and at the same time trying to avoid crushing into people but i sure have got myself crushed into someone that day. Rather personal but if you with to know, do text me...hehehe. Nothing la actually but it is surely unforgettable. After almost 2 hours of making myself a total clown in the ice field, i fell. Upon rising, i SAW.....................a big hole on my jeans, right between my legs!!! It was embarrassing!! It was the most humiliating moment in my life. I wonder for how long it has been in that way and how many people saw it!!! DAMN it!!! Argghhhhhhhhhhhhh... Quickly I took small steps heading to the exit. was surely very embarrassing and Bor and the rest just cant stop teasing me. Later i went to buy a new pair of jeans. I had to use Rommy's sweater for cover, hahaha....

On my way to Rommy's place in Puchong. Look at the girl on the right hand side, the one in kind of red tudung, she gave me goosebumps. She stared at me for almost 30minutes.

The Taxi driver did a crazy thing. He made U turn at the highway!!! it was frightening.

waiting for taxi at the ugly temporary taxi stand.

Here I am. Love the decor.

Rommy and I before skating.

Here i go...ready, get set, skate...

Had to use the sweater as a cover...hehehe..

a day to remember...

look at that!!! isn't that humiliating???

I think that's all for now. I'll update when i have something nice to write about ok...chow chin chow...

that's it, get out!!!

The semester has come to an end. I had to pack my things and move out. Fortunately, Hakim is able to stay in his room all holiday long. Thus, i ended up staying in his room. Well, the room is a little small but it's better than not having anyway to stay. I hate packing. I have a lot of things in my room. it takes me like centuries to finish packing. Anyway, here are some pictures of the mess that i did while packing.

I hate it when i have to pack and move. My room was a mess, hahaha...but i've clean it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

i hate it when you dont even try...i'm tired

There have been a lot of things going on this few weeks and one which has the biggest impact in my life right now is the crisis that i'm in with my friend. Let us be a little secretive by not naming the person but i hope this wont bring any "side effects" to those who might think they are actually the ones who i'm having this little crisis with. Anyway, my close friends would have known this so there wont be any misunderstanding regarding the person that i am describing. Life have been so wonderful so far with the existence of my dearly friends. They have been very understanding and supportive so far. I personally pray that there wont be any big issues that would break the friendships apart like what is happening to one of my friends. Being unable to accept who i am, this person has slowly withdrawn him/herself from my life. I'm very sure that this person does not read my blog, though i wish that he/she is. Anyway, for almost 5 years knowing this person, i have grown learning the fact that it has been a very common issue having a little fight with this person but i have not figure out how to solve it. Things between the two of us have not been better. Supposedly, after one fight to another, we grow more mature and we learn to strengthen the relationship but for the two of us, it happens the other way around. Its is either i'm to be blamed or it's his/her fault, or maybe we just dont have the chemistry to even be friends. The thing is, it seems like only this particular person is always having this problem with me. Maybe it happens because of expectation; of what i expect from the relationship and not having that fulfilled. It is just so frustrating when everytime this person and I fight, I would be the first one to approach and it has come to the extent in which this person has forgotten that he/she should take that role too sometimes. Anyway, life is too short and time is too precious to be bothered about this small issue. But it hurts though. And even when i'm trying not to think of this, say, the emancipation of this unwanted feelings, i still feel very upset that this is happening to me. I just wish that God would make me busier so that I dont even any wasted second thinking of the crisis. To that person, if you're reading this, i want you to know that i'm trying to be fine. Thanks for making my life so miserable.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

~("v")~ ~("v")~ ~("v")~ ~("v")~ ~("v")~

"To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. To just give. That takes courages, because we don't want to fall on our faces or leave ourselves open to hurt" - Madonna

First and foremost, most welcome to Dewi Zhantan for the most awaited Award, the Butterfly Award. Ala2 dapat anugerah Dekan la pulak, AMIN...hahaha. I just love this "chain" entry as it gives me the idea of what to be posted when i'm actually having mental block right now; thanks to the exam policy in Malaysia. Anyway, thanks for the award Dewi: lihat la dunia, blog i menang anugerah, hahaha...

so, those who are selected, mind you, you're not nominated, you're the winners!!! so get yourself to the stage, accept the award, and act as if this award means the world for you ok, ala2 Britney tu...hahaha.

Those who decided to accept this award, they will follow the below steps:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Nominate 10 other blogs.(10??? sine nak carik sampei 10???)

4. Add links to those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.



"The Coolest Blog I Ever Know"

hm...i dont know about other people, but i just love these blogs. but there are actually all lot more blogs that deserve this award but i had to exclude them as Dewi has given it to them. here we go. and the winners, in no particular order, are:-

1.Robin -Britney's no1 die hard fan.he's a womanizer baby. Robin, hit it baby one more time!

2.Emmelina -my lovely senior. we are both dancers but she dances better than me!!! you rock Emm.

3. P_zan - i may not know him but he makes my day by giving me links to download fabulous songs. thanks.

4. Steve George -he rocks!!! seriously, he has been one of my greatest companions, chatting, gossiping, fantasizing and doing all sorts of crazy stuff.

5. Borex -the Queen Eva -miss him so much right now.

6.Alex Wong - he's the grammarian. i think it's what people expect of him that makes him better and better each day. congrates LEX.

7. Ambun!!! -he seldom update but hey, i dont care, i have the right, and i want ot give this to him. Congrates Ambun.

8.Mario - he's one of my lovely seniors. he's just so confident and i love it.

9. Adam Luba - i dont know him well enough to address him as one of my friends but his blog is surely one of the bset. he takes great pics.

10. Wawa - she's my junior. she just love to laugh at me, huh...

it was a tough decision, not because there a too many good blogs, but it was because i do not anyone left to give this award to. that's because they have been given the award by my friends. anyway, you all deserve the award... welcome to HollyBloggyWood darlings!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


the literature paper was a disaster; the SHREW was unable to be TAMEd. i hate it so much when i know i can write a better piece of work if given any other issues to discuss. the questions were ridiculously insane. the marks allocation was unexpected. there were 2 obligatory questions; one for the Taming of the SHREW and another for the Color PURPLE. i'm very familiar with both the texts but still i was not able to cater to the requirement of the question. well, i guess it was not only me who did badly, some have expressed the same feeling towards the unTAMEable Literature paper too. my carry marks is just too small that i am not expecting an A, not even an A-. i'm just hoping for miracle to happen. do proceed reading my friends' blog. i'm very sure they have something to say about the EXAM too.

Friday, November 7, 2008


(S)ays nice things about people

(A)ccepts people as they are

(P)icks his friends up

(R)aises people’s spirits

(I)ntelligent and highly spirited

(J)okes a lot

(U)nderstands people

(N)ever gives up

(A)ccepts people as they are

(I)ntelligent and highly spirited


Do you miss the way things used to be?
* yes i do. i miss live as children. it was so worries-free.
Would you ever live with anyone on your top friends?
* top as in what? close friends, or top as in the orientation???hehehe...
Do you miss anyone?
* i'm missing a lot of ones.

What's the last thing you ate?
* BBQ chicken wings...lots and lots of chicken wings... thanks to Maria, Hakim and few others.
Is there someone on your mind that shouldn't be?
* there were these 4 malays, and a group of chinese. they were looking at me and i guess criticizing me. idiots!!!
What do you currently hear right now?
* think of me by David Archuleta.
Are you shy?
* nope, not me.
How do you feel about chocolate covered strawberries?
* prefer cheese cake.
Does anyone hate you?
* of course. simply because we're not perfect.
What would you do if someone told you that you were the most beautiful person in the world and they would do anything to wake up to your face each and every morning?
* well, i would love to have someone saying that but no day dreaming pls. such person doesn't exist.
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
* Yup. Allah wont test you with thinngs that you cant handle. Sabar jak la.
How do you think you look right at this moment?
* gorgeous, hahaha. smells like BBQ chicken right now.
Do you have a best friend that knows you inside and out?
* well, i think i do.
Are you usually fully awake in the morning?
* morning??? do i even know "morning"??
Are you friends with someone who's older than you?
* of course. rugi sik kwan dgn Sap, hehehe.
Do you have a job?
* student, brother, friend...i would say i'm fully occupied.
What shirt are you wearing?
* dark blue T and short.
When was the last time you cried really hard?
* last RAYA.
Have you ever shared a drink with anyone?
* hm...i prefer not but i dont mind sharing.
How many pillows are on your bed?
* 4...hahaha...
Have you hugged anyone in the last 22 hours?
* why must it be 22 hours? well, if its 24 days ago, i would say yes.
What do you usually do when the clock turns 11:11 a.m?
* dreaming...zzzzzzzz.....
What time do you usually wake up?
* these few days, at exactly 12 pm. maybe because its hot.
Do you have any siblings?
* 6 brothers. tambah lg 4, boleh main bola dah.
How old do people usually guess you are?
* ost would say that i'm 18...hish, butak kali sidak ya...hehehe
How's your heart lately?
* hurt
What's in your cd player?
* cd/vcd/dvd player laptop dah rosak...
Would you go back?
* back where? the past? home? next time, provide non ambiguous Q...
What will you be doing in a half hour?
* sleep, i guess.
Who was the last person you talked on the phone with?
* Neil, my junior back in Maktb.
Do you have any plans for Christmas?
* since i'm not celebrating it, maybe i'll go 4 vacation. alah, ala2 summer holiday.
Are you sarcastic?
* maybe.
Are you talkative?
* yess.....hahaha
What are you doing tomorrow morning?
* morning? what's that???hahaha
Where was your last hug?
* aie.... sik boleh eh, private...
When was the last time you smiled?
* right b4 this Q.
Do you secretly like someone?
* i do. hehehe....
What are you looking forward to?
Do you fall for people easily?
* i guess...
If you could move somewhere else; Would you?
* huh? meaning?sik faham...
Do you prefer to call or text?
* ntahh.. i dnt care about my hp..
Can you live a day without TV?
* as long as i have my super LAPPY
What's wrong with you right now?
* i'm fine. there's nothing wrong with me except for the fact that i feel rather guilty for not doing something.
How many months are there until your birthday?
*4 months.

Who are you?
* i'm someone worth dying for, wah2, DIVA la katanya, hehehe. not a knight but a fighter. not a prince but a ordinary human being, blessed with wondeful family and friends.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

an unfortunate day...

I woke up quite early today, maybe its not considered early for others but, hey, i didn't set the alarm ok...i woke up all by myself, OMG, what an accomplishment...hehehe... anyway, Hakim, Afiq and I went for a rather unplanned outing. actually we wanted to go for lunch only as we were extremely hungry... turned out, we went for karaoke instead...hahaha...(Hakim is so bising talking right now, terus sik tauk nak type ape...sott!!!)

Hakim pakei my baju...hahaha

Afiq and his AG's lips

after the 30 minutes of craziness and pure fun, few unwanted incidents happened. right after the karaoke, Afiq lost his beautiful phone. but guess what, he was so clam, not because the phone is cheap, not to mention that he's using postpaid, and there is a possibility for the thief to use the number, but its because he has bigger problems than that. i seriously adore him when he told me that he has not been crying for like forever. he has becaome so tough...Afiq, a dedication of the song Superwomen by Alicia Keys to you...*clap...clap*...

he can still smile despite what happened.

afiq was the star of the day

i prefer having Hakim stnding beside me because Afiq makes me look *cough2x...f....*

we went for lunch+early dinner after the failure searching for the phone. Afiq was so calm and i didnt see any frown or any indication of sadness in his eyes...nang SUPERMAN la nya tok. if this were to happen to me, i'll be really upset and moody for maybe the entire week. owh, forgot something...the early dinner was great!!! we went to the old town white coffee. guys, if you wish to grab a bite there, i recommend the prawn noodle, nasi lemak and the toasted bread.


later that day, we went to South City Plaza. i met a local actor, Siti Nurdiana's husband, Faizal Yusop. i guess most of you do not know him but its ok...hehehe....the most important thing is that he greeted me. hey, who am i??? a Diva in the making or what???hehehehe....

we were about to go back when Afiq suggested that we should linger for few more minutes as the road was jammed. well, we ended up wondering in the rather quiet place. the place was like it has been abandoned for years...ngutik aie tempat ya...sikda org pg gilak.

look at afiq...ish

he molested the horse statue...

at night, i went for a revision. Hakim and i wanted to go to PTSL but there were a lot of people so we decided to go to UO's library instead. there, i met Yna n Dya. we studied together and help each other realizing the mistakes we did in our tree diagrams. after 1 and 1/2 hours of solid learning, Hakim and i went down to Hakim's bike. then an unfortunate incident happened to me. my dearest LAPPY @ Laptop fell and i could even hear the sound of cracking. i fell hard i felt like crying... (mun rosak...gine ndak ka...) tp, miracle happens. the laptop was as good as before except for a little crack on the side. the laptop functions just as great as before. I AM SO PROUD OF MY SUPERLAPPY...hehehe...SYG U LAPPY...LOVE YOU SO MUCH...

my superLAPPY...LOVE U SO MUCH...

i thinks its enough for now. i want to bath and join Walter's and Robin's study group. chow chin chow...