Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's been months................

It's been F**King(no offence intended) long since the last written entry. A lot has happened lately. Be it official duties or personal matters, it has made me think that i need an extra 5 hours a day. There must be a reason why God created 24 hours only each day and not 30 hours. Imagine life with 30 hours, still half of it would be dedicated to SLEEP and FUN!

So many official duties have got to be done the past few months... i mean it, months... 1 duty after another. But it has never made me stop thinking about those who are valuable in my life. Anyway, before i go any further with my nonsensical self mumbling, i would like to share with fellow readers a GREAT news!!!

Introducing my LOVE!!!

Last month, my sister in law gave birth to a beautiful and healthy PRINCESS and i had the opportunity to name her. She is Siti Aqeela Aaleesya. Happens to be, she has got the same name with Erra Fazeera's daughter. It was pure coincidence. Anyway, the name is referred to a collection of arabic names and it has been choosen due to it's beautiful meaning. Aqeela means (the 'best'est) and Aalesya means (selected by God). Thus, she is the BESTest person SELECTed by GOD. ALHAMDULILLAH.

I could write more about SITI AQEELA ALEESYA but words are never enough to express my gratitude.

Would you like to know about what new things I've experience here in LS (Lawas S'wak)? I've learnt a lot and one of it is anger management. It's hard having a class of unmotivated students and trying to handle their various characters. Some are obedience while most are WILD! So, if you ask me the most suitable song for them, it's "CAN'T BE TAMED" by Milley Cyrus. Seriously, i would always feel like exploding whenever i enter this class but they are actually teaching me a valuable lesson. They makes me aware of anger management.

Dont get me wrong, i'm not complaining. I just want to share the experience with you guys with hope that you would have the best way to handle this students. Some would just love to get to your nerves. Purposely challenging you to explode because they simply would love to see you go wild too...ha3... I've lost my temper few times before and i've leant that it doesn't have any effect on them. It makes them even WILDer.

Anyway, let us not be emotionally affected by that. They are just being immature despite some of them are even taller and bigger in size. Their size doesn't reflect their maturity. Some are just nonsensically foolish while some are trying to act BIG. Either way, they are acting in such way due to the fact that they cannot foreseen the future. They do not know just how their attitudes would mold them to be somebody n the future. Looking into the matter, i believe there are 1 good news and a bad one. The good news is they can enjoy life as teenagers with having to think of duties in life and the bad news would be that most of them would regret their attitudes later on in life. If only they realize!!!