Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teaching Literature

Ever notice that students love to chat? now, why dont we put that to good use. Here is a lesson plan which is both interesting and effective.


1. Provide cards or pieces of paper consisting an information about the literature text you wish to touch on. You may have important details, textual evidence, characteristics and so on.

2. Provide students with another larger piece of paper for the students to write the information they gather from others. (it would be much better if the teacher provide a mind map with blanks to be filled with the information gathered.

3. Ask the students to ask around for as much information. The rule is, the students must share the information they have with each other when they are conversing. The activity must be carried out in a gossiping manner to make it more interesting and to ensure that only those who ask around can get the information.

4. The teacher can include also false information in order to make sure that they students know their text very well.

5. The teacher can design this activity into a mystery solving activity to make it more interesting.
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*this lesson focuses on the speaking, listening and writing skills.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ramadhan 2011

Alhamdulillah... it has been 8 magical days of the Ramadhan month; the fasting month for the Muslims. Every year brings about different experience. This year, for me, is a little tougher than years before. Most would be saying the same as it is blazing hot lately. Yeah2, i know... it's the green house effect. Humans are becoming more advance by day but none can completely solve the problem we created. Sacrifice comes in many ways and forms. To enable people to use the air-cond, we have to sacrifice our green. That's so unfair. Why would anyone create the aircond the first place?

Gosh, i'm rambling. Sorry for that. Now, what i would want to share is about being the victim or the other. The victim means someone who feels unfairly treated while the other would mean someone who performs the unfair treatment. Now, in life, one may chooce to be either. Most of the time, we would be comfortable being the victim. This may be the result of our self-assumption.

The one saying my friend told me that I would never forget is that 'One must be responsible for one's happiness'. That would easily mean you have the choice in your hands. You may want to fix things or you might want to let it 'go with the flow'. But sometimes we must bear in mind, 'if it's not broken, dont bother fixing it'.

I believe that life is all about KARMA. You will eventually get what you give. So give more if you wish to get more. The more negativeness you offer the world, the more you'll get in return. And at the end of the day, you will be so full of hatred you'll eventually explode.

So friends and foe, remember two things. 1. Be responsible of your own happiness and 2. Life is KARMA. What you give, you get back. Salam RAMADHAN and thank you for your time :)