Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who do you think is this person?

I think many have not seen this picture of me... This was when i was in kindergarten. I was in the 3rd place and it made my parents so proud of me...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

oh my, i have a blog???

Like the tittle is suggesting, i didn't know that i have a blog... not until today that is...ha3... nah, it's not that i've seriously forgotten about the blog, i jus don't feel like updating it. In fact, i log in to the blogger account everyday yet i dont have any effort to update it... not even posting a single word.

Guess what, i'm impressed with the number of follower of my blog until this very hour. I have 40 followers. It's four(4) owe (0) and it's something that i think an amateur blogger like myself should be proud of. Dear followers, thanks for the support. If you're looking for a great construction of thought using excellent ENGLISH, i think you would be extremely disappointed. I don't have that quality. But if you're wiling to see through my eyes, than you've made the right choice...errr...or at least i think so. So, i think you guys should comment my entry or join the chat box so that i know what you're interested in.

So...are you ready to read what i wish to write about...
ok then, i warn you, it's not going to be beautiful...
sit back, relax and try to enjoy ok...hehehe

TESL 3 IPBL-UKM link 2004/10 has officially finished the 6 year long course. I bet some of them are gaining weight, sitting in front of their laptops and computers doing nothing, and some are trying their very best to gain weight after failing the effort all these years. If you ask me, i would die to have body like David Beckham.


I think it would be possible...(in my dream!!!) wow!!! i want the pax!!! don't get me wrong here, it's not that i want guys with pax... i want the pax to be mine!!! Anyway, like i said, i would die to have such a great body. yet, i'm not complaining about my paddy-sack body. I'm well aware that given a chance, many would die to have my type of body. Especially those who are super thin!!!

Look at that, who would want to be as thin... no one right... as i thought!!!

Enough of the issue of weight. I have better thing to share. I bet you all know GLEE. yes2, the award winning comedy series. Laugh all you want, if you think that i'm left behind of being one of GLEE's biggest fan. Seriously, i cant get enough of GLEE right now. I feel attached to it. WHY??? GLEE reminds me of TESL 3. having different talents in a group would actually bring chaos. it would bring more harm than good. JUST LIKE TESL 3. But!!! with great cooperation and leadership, as well as RESPECT, the group manage to be the best. Dont you agree with me TESL 3? We have been through so much and i think we all know that what i'm saying is true. Right...

As you can see, we have always been successfully performing whatever tasks given to us despite of the fights we may encounter along the way. We manage to pull everything together and be in our utmost best performing spirit. Summer loving, TESL Idol and drama presentation, are only few of our greatest performance as classmates. I miss you guys so much. May God protect each and everyone always.

I think this would be enough for now. but before go, i would live to dedicate this song to TESL 3, each and everyone.