Friday, July 1, 2011

we're just being HUMAN i guess...

We are always criticising about everything.
"You drive too slow..."
"It's too expensive..."
"Gosh, my hair looks terrible..."
"hurry up! you're wasting my time..."
"that's not good enough...."
"You should do this, and that..."

Have you ever thought of accepting and trying to adapt to the situation? Have you ever thought of the negative energy you exert to the people around you?

Many people are all about the talk and seldom the 'walk'. These people are able to condemn others and what others do but fail to walk the talk when it comes to themselves. Undeniable that what they suggest would be great and sometimes briliant but it would be useless when one is just able to sceam it but fail to prove it. We can always point fingers and comment but what matter most is the capability of the one talking/suggesting. there's no point barking here and there demanding for improvement, complaining regarding the flaws and bragging about what you are capable of but fail to prove it.

No one, i repeat, NO ONE is perfect. We all have flaws and weaknesses. But, what matter most is that we acknowledge our weaknesses and try to become better all the time. And we should always remember that there's no point giving our 'brilliant' ideas when we ourselves are incapable of doing it.

but then again... I GUESS WE ARE JUST BEING HUMAN (",)