Saturday, July 26, 2008

>>>boring eh hidup sitok<<<

sorry la lamak sik update blog tok. busy eh...(sik sbenarnya...) ntah la...tang malar jak berkejar-kejar ke kelas.... owh, i'm taking thailand as bahasa asing. best aih.... mbun, aku janji, kelak aku ajar ko since ko suka bahasa ya... kelak aku make sure aku pandei, then aku akan ajar ko. sikpun, tang ko ambik jak thailand mun ko dah d sitok kelak...

i'm now joining "adyaamatra", UKM dance group. these people nang hebat la tp monss..... nak compare dgn aku, they are 5 times better than me. Ambun, sik tauk la apa nasib mun penari2 IBPL lawan sidak tok... confirm kenak tetak...hahaha.... sikpa, janji kita dah try buat the best, its good enough. At least kita tauk yg kita sik perlu nak berlawan dgn org to be batter, we should challenge ourselves to be better.

aku bosan eh... tiap2 hari termenung, sik tauk nak polah apa... nak kuar jalan, buang duit jak.... mun d IPBL, anytime blh pg seberkas... i miss my fellow friends back in IPBL. aku rindu masakan d SISWA corner...HUHUHU.... rasa nak nangis jak. bganyak benda best d sarwak ok... hidup easy going, sik rushing2. sitok, suma org rushing...pening palak nangga sidak sitok. dah la bahaya alu. suma org muka sik boleh percaya. nangga org mcm nak makn org jak. rindu sarawak eh.... argh..... raya tok maybe sik balit. ticket mahal... sik tauk eh, sikkan nak raya d bilit, sedih alu jak....sik pun, tang pg jak beraya ke rumah sapa2 yang sudi. tang masuk jak rumah org suka hati. time raya, sikkan la sidak nak halau org kan... pasya, go to one house after another la...hahaha....argh...sedih eh.... sik sanggup beraya sitok...

seriously la, sitok boring. dah la sik brapa kenal dgn org, so sik dpt la nak pg dari satu bilit to another, mcm yg biasa d polah time d maktb dolok. sikpun, dolok, nang boring alu melayan kedatangn org ke bilit aku. kinek tok, sapa la nak berkunjung??? argh...sik tauk la nak padah apa gik...nang boring la... maybe sbb sik kenal dgn org gilak kot. mun dah kenal kelak, ok la ya kali.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Like I always said, I miss all the IPBLians...miss them so much. however, life must go on. and here, in this new place, life is notas easy as it seems. everyone is trying to best the time. unlike many people, few of my friends and I are quite lucky as our college is situated not far from the canselori. its just next to it. 5 minutes walk from my college or hostel( we used to call it) will bring us to the Canselori, and then the Pusanika(i dont know if this the right spelling). anyway, thanks to the seniors, we manage to survive the very first day in UKM without any confusion (though Syukri, our TESL 1 senior gave us few wrong info). Thanks seniors.

Here are some pictures that i managed to capture during the first day of lecture in UKM...

we were waiting for the U bus
( we didn't know that the faculty is not that far)

This is the Canselory (betul ka ejaan???).
My college is on the right. next to that small hill there.

this is also Canselory

This is my faculty.


Fakulti Pendidikan

that's all that i can mange to take that day. owh, glad to inform everyone that i'll be taking Thai. i just tend to follw the seniors as this maybe a way to improve my pointer. there are actually few more pictures that i would like to share but i guess you would have just to wait untill the next entry. bye, chow chin chow...I MISS MY BROTHER'S & MY IN LAW'S COOKING...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

>>>LiFe HeRe MaYbE sO mUcH fUn, buT i SeRiOuSLy MiSs BALTTI DaNcErS aNd ThE rEsT Of ThE IPBLians<<<

life here, in this new place is fun(for the mean time) but there are more to come. life ahead is full of mysteries and uncertainty. there is no doubt that there are a lot of new things ready to be learned but learning is a really tiring process. we may fail along the way. then, we'll try to get on our feet ant try some more. however, with true friends, the journey becomes more interesting. thanks friends...i really miss you all....

Monday, July 7, 2008

>>>missing you all<<<

guys...miss u all a lot... ambun...keep in touch k. just b urself. be good and take care of the dancers... freedy, sory that we only know each other rather on the surface. but i know, the friendship that we hold on to is strongger than that i have for years with other people. lecturer dtg...argh...jap...kelak sambung

Friday, July 4, 2008

>>>Sibu, the swan city<<<

I'm joining BCF (borneo cultural festival), here in Sibu right now. in fact, the show is tonight at 8. people may ask, aren't you suppose to be in UKM by now??? why are you still here??? well, the answer is simple, i just want to be with my dance group. its with them when i feel i'm myself and not someone who people want me to be. anyway, as a reply to somebody's blog, saying that i have changed, i do think that persn needs to put it in better word, say like, Sapri is not as he used to. wanna know why??? that's because i'm in so much pain, facing the fact that i'm about to leave IPBL. apart, there are soo many things remain unexplained. dont wory, I'll always be myself. i may change but not drastically. anyway, thanks to everyone who have tried their best to cheer me up, especially the dancers. sorry for my misbehavior. here are some pictures for u all...

we were about to do blocking...sempat...hahaha

Team telenovela+drama+carekarama...

devils with little blue horns (ia is horns???)

i didn't drink that ok... thanks to Ambun and his family...such sweet family with strong love bond...