Friday, February 26, 2010

spider web!!!

**I learnt some interesting card games today!!! thanks Men, Rifky, Topek, Nik n Jimmy.**

This blog need some serious cleaning up to do. It has been ages since the last time i edited the blog layout. I'm not good in computer related stuff resulting in self humiliation when i'm with those who are computer savvy. People have been changing their layout or at least improving on the look somewhat like every month and me... it's hardly every once in a blue moon even.
(dont laugh at my english pls....)

what have been happening lately??? hm... nothing much... owh, i'm officially addicted to something... no no, not drugs, you don't have to worry about that. to what u may ask... for that, u need to read my RooMate's blog, particularly the one posted on 22-02-2010. Seriously, i'm on tight budget due to that addiction.

What else... let me see... i'm nothing more than just a lame guy. I have not been into real adventure for years. The last so-call real adventure was during my foundation year when we had a jungle tracking activity at mount serapi. I'll surely explore that mount again sometime. But i hate the leaches. I can still remember having my blood sucked by that thing... gross!!!

My drama group has had our first meeting with the 75% done script today and i'm very pleased with Nurlyana and Harni's great work. They have actually made the drama very easily visualized. I wish i'm as good but i think i can keep dreaming about that. The truth is, my writing sucks. Be it short story, response, short essay and script my standard is not at par with most of my classmates. They say that reading helps a lot but it doesn't work it magic on me obviously. But it's oakay i guess. I think i'm good in other areas. It might not be academic but considering the fact that i have certain talents, it is worth bragging about.

Let me show you what has happened the last few weeks. Let's get started:-

Trip to Kedah & Penang: 28-31 Jan 2010

had nasi dagang for breakfast

at the Alor Setar tower

at Batu Feringgi beach with Hakim, Zeq and Qaseh Qasandra

Dance performance for college family day celebration: first week of February

the dancers, Zana, Zizul and me. Zizul was the former president of the dance club who helped with the make up.

Pre CNY+Valentine's day outing : 13 February 2010

at TGI Friday. Great food, great friends. thanks topeq, sheela, yna and special thanks to dya.

May we are blessed with wealth and prosperity.

At the National Zoo on CNY: 14 February 2010

the first ever encounter with wildlife. Can't believe they have a group of Penguin put in an acquarium without having the temperature adjusted with the actual temperature in the arctic. The penguins must be suffering from the heat. Pity them.

CNY gathering at Mdm So's house and outing at the Curve: 21 February 2010

one of our favorite literature lecturers

Mr Kordi's Bday Celebration : 22 February 2010

at flaming hot steamboat in Sunway. Eat all you can with only RM 21 per person. they even give away free dine in voucher on Tuesday.

These are few of my activities these past 2 months. Most of them are related to eating activities. So you know just what contribute to my latest weight now, hehehe... Till next time, take care, bye...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Negative Aura is all around me.


I believe in aura. It's some sort of energy force which exist around you. Basically there are two (i think so), which are negative and positive aura. We can easily influenced by negative aura by people around us. Reading FB status for instance, it can make you feel sad, angry, and disoriented. And to making things worse, you would then change your FB status to something similarly negative, further spreading the negativeness to your friends. You should be sorry for what you have done. At times, people  just love to bury themselves in self pity. Well, i think it's very normal if it happens once a while, but if it occurs everyday, hm... i guess you need a little mental check there. My hypothesis would be:

1. You are not being truthful to yourself. Be it girls or boys, you need to know who you really are. You need to know what influence you in a negative way and what can make you smile. Explore your feelings and listen to what your heart is saying.

2. You think people hate you. Be sensitive to what people may think of you. It's utterly fine if you don't bother to what people think but do keep in mind that your attitudes may affect your friends too. They might not be comfortable with you. I think you need to be socially alert.

3. You do not have a "real" best friend to talk to. Talking to friends help a lot but bare in mind, not everything can be shared with friends. Be selective of what you wish to tell them. Some secrets may be better left untold. 

4. You're not enjoying your life. Ask yourself why do you feel that way. Maybe you need to be closer to God. Maybe you need to go for window shopping. Or maybe you need a little exercise. Do things that you enjoy.

Mind you, those are just my assumptions. It may not be applicable to you but it's worth trying. I've been badly influenced by negative aura my entire life. Reading people's FB status and blogs make me pretty much affected too. I wish that life is a bed of roses in which it's not. Triumph and tribulation make you a better person. 

I wish i'm a fairy. I would love to put a "happy" magic spell on everyone so that world would be filled with positiveness and laughters.