Sunday, January 16, 2011

just a glimpse of me

Sooo many things happened to me. Having me drowning on all sorts of feelings, sad, happy, anxious, freak out, and many more. But most of the times, sadness struck my life. No, i'm not complaining. Sorry if i sound like i'm complaining. I'm just sharing with all of you.


it's sad to know that i've lost my parents. At times, i feel like attempting suicide.The sadness is unbearable. Making things worse, i had a BIG fight with one of my brothers. A fight i didn't see coming. It was miserable. Having to know the fact that the relationship once i cherish turned into such a chaotic one is killing me.

*i wish it didn't happen


I am trying my best to let people know that i'm uniquely myself. I refuse to be someone else no matter what happens. Be it accepted or not, i dont give a damn. I am trying to be responsible for my own happiness and i refuse to let people around me negatively influence me and bringing me down.

*i want to be uniquely myself


Teaching is great but i dont seem to enjoy it yet. I say yet. Having astro in my house gives me enough access to my favorite program. Anything related to fashion,cooking, designing and celebrities turn me ON. I am a big day dreamer and i dream to be a multi-talented person. I want to be a person having skills in cooking, clothes designing and other sort of planning and designing. I can cook... no problem... but i want to be a better cook. I am so jealous knowing my friends can cook better than me. And making things worse, i feel so downgraded after watching a reality series which is Junior Masterchef Australia. OMG, having to know that an 8 year old can cook far better than me makes me wanting to go for cooking class. Further supporting that thought, i am actually having a dream of opening a restaurant which would showcase the most authentic traditional Malaysian cuisine.

*designing my own clothes line

*wanting to become a great chef

I wish i'm talented, good looking and rich! I'm too 'small' for my big dreams!!!