Sunday, December 28, 2008

lalek la

hari ya aku balit Kuching, sik best lalu sbb sorang pun sikda plan nak kuar dgn aku. kadang2 aku rasa "ura-ura" jak lebih. boring lu jak mcm tok. dahya, sik lamak baruk berbait dgn sorang hamba Allah tok, kelaie agik. kali tok aku sik lalek. sak2, slamak tok, aku bertahan jak dgn karenah nya. aku sik pernah nak complen2. mun nya nak bersadu, aku la dicarik nya. bila nak happy2, sik nya muncul. aku sik la berkira tp aku sik suka org polah aku mcm tok. kadang2 aku rasa it's in d family. even arwah parents aku dolok pun slalu juak d jaik org. sak2, sidak duak la yang byk nulong org. time arwah ninggal, sikda pun org nak d tulong nya datang. arwah bapak aku pernah madah, what even happened to them would most likely happen to me. and i think it's true. aku rasa, sampei kinek tok aku sik cayak dgn concept best friends. sak2, friends come and go. time senang, suma nak carik. time susah, suma sik lalek. aku pernah share dgn org/kawan aku pasal rahsia2 yg sik bagus d share dgn org lain. sak2 org ya, bukak crita aku dgn org lain. SIAL!!! nya ingat aku ok. who gives u the right??? mun bena pun i would most probably share dgn org ya, ko bukan la org yang patut madah benda ya. just ask urself, SAPA BERIK KO KEBENARAN??? memandei jak. mcm bagus gilak.

malas eh...

1 of the many things that i hate the most in my life is packing and moving to a new place. this would therefore include, packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning/arranging things=energy, energy, n lots, lots of energy.

I'm in Zahir's room right now, after doing all of the above duties. I'm very sorry for my what so ever ever right now. I am not in the mood to type better English right now. I'm extremely tired and i'm so lazy that i feel like "sambung tido" though it's 12.00pm.

Actually, i have no idea what to be posted so i just simply type whatever come to my mind. argh...i have to move to Hussain later and i doing it. If only i'm rich, then i would pay people to to that for me. and one more thing, i'm going to have a new roommate and i'm hoping that he would be someone who can handle my attitudes and vice versa.

owh, by the way, we got 2nd runner up for Festival Zapin Makum 2008. Here is the vid...enjoy...

Monday, December 8, 2008

terrible day

Its Aidil Adha, no, i'm not saying it's not a good day, it is just that i had a terrible experience today. actually, when i purchase my flight ticket, i didn't know that MONDAY, 8th of Dec, is Aidil Adha. i thought it would be few days later, my bad. last night, i had a sleepless night as i was battling the army of mosquito, damn it!!! i have a lot of mosquito's bombing effect on my skin right now but it's ok, at least the army of mosquito woke me very early this morning. Upon waking up, i gathered my will and strength to go to the washroom as it was still dark and raining. All i have in my mind that time was ghosts, ghosts, and ghosts...

As told by Kim Ling, my classmate, i had to have an early journey to LCCT as it is hari raya, so it would be hard to find transportation here in semenanjung/peninsular Malaysia. so i listened and i got out from my room at 7.30. as there were no buses neither taxi, i decided to wait at the bus stop outside UKM. its not far but the problem was, it was raining!!! as it was raining cats and dongs, i decided to proceed with the plan.

i waited for almost half an hour and there were no buses still. hence, i decided to take a taxi expecting that it would cost only rm5. upon reaching the ukm terminal, the driver said, "rm10". i was shocked!!! well, i'm too naive and decided to pay. owh, on the way to the komuter, i ask the uncle how to go to LCCT from Nilai and he told me that it would be hard to go there as it's Raya. he offered to send me for ONLY RM70!!! fuck that ugly bitch. "i curse the day you were born!!!(sex & the city 2008)" he also told me that the komuter would only start it's service at 9++ am. HE LIED.

anxiously i waited for the train to come. i told myself, there were more to come...

yea, finally i reached Nilai. one problem, where's the bus station??? the not so cleaver me asked the ticket officer and again, being fooled!!! he told me," jalan terus ke bawah, then belok kanan(go straight this road and turn to the right)". i ended up at a parking lot!!! sial eh. actually, what he should tell me is "jalan terus, masuk simpang pertama sebelah kanan.(go straight and take the first junction on your right)." sik pergi sekolah kali nya ya... sbb ya ended up d counter ticket... i bet he had a good time laughing at me.

i was so tired and decided to buy drinks for myself. then i ask the shopgirl, "bus mana pg LCCT?(which bus is going to LCCT)"
she replied," bus depan ini boleh(that bus over there goes to LCCT)" i thanked her. at last, i found a noble creature. i took the bus, it was the right bus. what a relief...

upon stopping at the INTI college taman Melati's bus stop, the driver shouted while at the same time looking at me,"airport, airport." i thought that was my stop, so i went down. NOPE i was wrong, it was not my stop... i freaked out thus i phoned Kim Ling, (sorry to have botherd u that early) she told me to calm down. I was crying ok... i was in d middle of nowhere, of course i freaked out. she told me that there would be buses passing the bus stop heading to LCCT. i listened and waited. there was a bsu few minutes later. i asked for confirmation and it was the right bus.

Did i learned my lesson??? i'm not so sure. what i'm certain is that, as long as i'm naive, i'll be cheated by heartless people. i think i should check in my baggage now. bye... see you all after HOLIDAYS... enjoy your holidays.

Monday, December 1, 2008

the nerves are kicking in

OMG, the nerves are kicking in right now. i can feel my adrenaline is pumping in. its making me crazy. i'm so nervous right now. tomorrow is an important day for Adyaamatra dancers. we have to do all the best for the Festival Zapin MAKUM. we are all feeling the pressure right now. despite laughing out loud and having everyone putting relax faces, i'm very sure that they are all feeling what i feel. 1 thing for sure, we have to give our best but at the same time keep reminding ourselves not to over doing it.