Friday, November 27, 2009

mood tetiba di

depanku satu keluarga

cina bangsanya

bersama mereka, org gajinya

keluarga bertiga, bersama pembantu rumah yg dibayar olehnya


rambut suma sama, hati pasti berbeza

tapi keluarga ini nampak baik orangnya

sesekali, bertanya si ibu pada pembantu rumah itu

seperti dia juga ambil berat ttg perihal pembantu rumahnya

kalau semua keluarga berpembantu rumah begitu

pasti BAHAGIA... 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Konsert Seribu Warna

I'm going to Koser Seribu Warna tonight. I'm not a big fan of Siti Nurhaliza but I'm always amazed with her showmanship. I've watched her perform live once for Anugerah Bintang Popular singing Ditaman Teman. She mesmerized the crowd with her beautiful vocal, sounds like listening to CD.

Well, the whole "going to this concert" event is rather impromptu. Amirul, a friend of mind, got the ticket from his friend. The actually price for the combo of 3 tickets was RM189 but he got it for only RM100. So he thought it would be great nice if i could come and i agreed. With that price, who doesn't.

Right now i'm waiting for our friends to drive us there. I'm just afraid of traffic jam. Anyway, looking forward to see Siti Nurhaliza, the Malaysian one and only Diva of the Divas, perform. See ya...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not again...

It has never been easy living without my parents. I miss them so much right now. I'm not trying to tell you just how fragile I am but i would want you all to appreciate your beloved ones; your mom, your dad, your uncle, your aunt, your grandmother and grandfather, your brothers and your sisters. Life would not be the same after losing them. Trust me, I've had a great lost myself. 

I miss my mom, my mak. She was one of the person who would always be there for me. When i was in pain, i would run to her. She was in great pain when she was on her death bed. I was so hopeless. I wasn't able to do anything to help her. She had suffered so much to bear her 7 children and having them all well taken care off. It's very true when people say that a mother would be able to take care her children but her children would be able to do the same. My mom was a great mom. Before she left, she taught me how to survive on my own. She taught me how to cook, clean up, wash my clothes and most importantly she thought me so much about life. She taught me to be grateful of what i have. Learn how to give without hoping anything in return. She taught me to be who i am right now. Mak, sorry if ever i hurt your feelings. Al-Fatihah buat arwah mak; Ambah bin Labot. Rindunya kat mak. 

I miss my dad, my apak. The man who taught me so much of how to not be cruel to those who treat you cruel. Never had he talk bad stuff about people. He would alway smile at me, showing his gum, he would look so funny. I can still remember when he joined me in my 'ulam buah asam' session, he would bring with him a 'lesung batu' to actually crush the 'asam'. Well, it doesn;t need much to know that he didn't really want to eat, but he all he wanted was to be with me, to actually join me and show me just how he loved having me with him always. I once promised him that I would want him to stay with me when I am working later. But it seems like that would not be possible.Pak, sorry if ever i broke your heart. Al-Fatihah buat arwah ayah; Junai bin Amin. Rindunya kat ayah.

I don't think I can handle the feelings of losing people I love. Ya Allah, panjangkan usia ahli keluargaku. Semoga aku pergi dulu sebelum mereka. 

Aku, nota dan dia.

Bukan pasal aku study dgn someone on my side. Nope! That would be cliche' kan. Skarang pukol 10.04 and aku tengah study tadi. Baca2 dan buat nota sikit untuk paper esok. Nervous gak nie sebab aku tak tahu aper benda kuar esok. Aku baca2 sambil layan internet... last2 internet empowered aku...wakaka. Well, aku maen la internet kejap, baca-baca blog member. Ramai tak update lagi. Ader jugak update simple-simple tapi tak per. Yang penting aku tahu serba sedikit aper yang berlaku dalam life diaorg. Owh, mcm nie. Aku baca blog sorang member nie, a blog worth reading la. Sorry, not going to tell you...hehehe. Anyway, dalam blog tu, ader entry baru. And entry tu ader 1 comment by someone aku boleh kata aku tak suka. So aku kira nak komen gak, tapi niat tu terbantut bila ader orang tu. Last2, aku tulis la blog nie ha. Kira macam mengadu kat korang la...mcm budak2 plak aku rasa, hehehe... K la. tu jer kot for today. Doa-doakan la aku jawap dengan brilliant esok ok. Bye~

She replied!!!

You might be thinking who is 'she' I'm talking about. She is the beautiful and gorgeous MISHA OMAR!!! Last Saturday night, around 1 in the morning, i found out that Kak Misha updated her status after so long. I was so happy to hear from her that i commented on her status. After doing so, I thought it would be great if i can have a little chat with her so i checked my friend's chat list. There she was, Samihah Omar or Misha Omar appeared on-line for maybe the first time. I was damn happy and started to chat with her. Unfortunately, there was something wrong with her FB or maybe her device that she was unable to spend the time replying my messages. She did, however managed to reply my salam. Thanks Kak Misha, you don't know just how glad i am when you replied. Thanks to screen capture, I'm able to prove it to you. Behold...

p/s ---> is you're reading this, i just want you to know that i would be praying for your success alway. Take care :P

Monday, November 2, 2009

Aku je? Ko plak?

Aku bukan berkira, bukan nak mengungkit, bukan tak ikhlas... Tapi aku rasa bosan la macam nie, asyik aku jer nak layan ko macam Raja. Aku bukan nak ko treat aku macam Raja gak tapi acknowledge my existence please. Aku bukan puppet kot... Aku pun ada perasaan gak. Susahnyer la macam nie. Aku tak suka, tapi nie jer cara terbaik yang aku anggap boleh benefit aku sendiri walaupun aku rasa macam sedih gak biler perasaan "only giving" tu timbul.

Aku pun nak jugak rasa ada orang hargai aku, always there for me, tanyer aku kalo2 aku lapar ker, sedih ker... tapi ko tak macam tu. Mungkin ko dah terlalu bahagia dalam hidup ko kot, dikelilingi oleh insan-insan yang boleh bagi ko semua benda yang ko wish to have.

Argh... lantak la. Aku just harap yang one day nanti ko akan perasan kewujudan aku. TAk kira la bila... Yang pernting, time tu nanti, ko akan carik number aku and bgtau aku how you miss me...hehehe