Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's been months................

It's been F**King(no offence intended) long since the last written entry. A lot has happened lately. Be it official duties or personal matters, it has made me think that i need an extra 5 hours a day. There must be a reason why God created 24 hours only each day and not 30 hours. Imagine life with 30 hours, still half of it would be dedicated to SLEEP and FUN!

So many official duties have got to be done the past few months... i mean it, months... 1 duty after another. But it has never made me stop thinking about those who are valuable in my life. Anyway, before i go any further with my nonsensical self mumbling, i would like to share with fellow readers a GREAT news!!!

Introducing my LOVE!!!

Last month, my sister in law gave birth to a beautiful and healthy PRINCESS and i had the opportunity to name her. She is Siti Aqeela Aaleesya. Happens to be, she has got the same name with Erra Fazeera's daughter. It was pure coincidence. Anyway, the name is referred to a collection of arabic names and it has been choosen due to it's beautiful meaning. Aqeela means (the 'best'est) and Aalesya means (selected by God). Thus, she is the BESTest person SELECTed by GOD. ALHAMDULILLAH.

I could write more about SITI AQEELA ALEESYA but words are never enough to express my gratitude.

Would you like to know about what new things I've experience here in LS (Lawas S'wak)? I've learnt a lot and one of it is anger management. It's hard having a class of unmotivated students and trying to handle their various characters. Some are obedience while most are WILD! So, if you ask me the most suitable song for them, it's "CAN'T BE TAMED" by Milley Cyrus. Seriously, i would always feel like exploding whenever i enter this class but they are actually teaching me a valuable lesson. They makes me aware of anger management.

Dont get me wrong, i'm not complaining. I just want to share the experience with you guys with hope that you would have the best way to handle this students. Some would just love to get to your nerves. Purposely challenging you to explode because they simply would love to see you go wild too...ha3... I've lost my temper few times before and i've leant that it doesn't have any effect on them. It makes them even WILDer.

Anyway, let us not be emotionally affected by that. They are just being immature despite some of them are even taller and bigger in size. Their size doesn't reflect their maturity. Some are just nonsensically foolish while some are trying to act BIG. Either way, they are acting in such way due to the fact that they cannot foreseen the future. They do not know just how their attitudes would mold them to be somebody n the future. Looking into the matter, i believe there are 1 good news and a bad one. The good news is they can enjoy life as teenagers with having to think of duties in life and the bad news would be that most of them would regret their attitudes later on in life. If only they realize!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

in love with this pic

love it, love it, love it... thanks to Mr. Paz for this pic.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

4 sciences

technology failure.... WTF

Monday, August 30, 2010

motivate me pls

It has been 5 weeks and i dont see any sign improvement from my students. Maybe it's way too early to judge but i could have at least grabbed their attention during my lesson. I'm honestly frustrated with myself for not able to perform well. The teachers of SMK abdul Jalil were right. the 'drama' i had when i was doing my practical was only a tip of an iceberg. I am officially shocked by the frightening truth.

I have been trying a lot of methods to educate but it seems like none works on them. I'm so scared thinking about 2 of my classes would be having their exam soon and they are unprepared for it. I've seen a lot of different attitudes. in one way or another, the attitudes dont give them any advantage in life. such a waste of time. At times, i felt like scolding them but i don't think it works.

still so blur....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

from a land far, far away....

I'm now in a land so far away from home. I'm currently working in Lawas, Sarawak, around few hundreds kilometers from home. It's so far that some might not even notice the existence of this place. But i love it here. It's very near to 3 places of interests namely Sabah, Labuan and Brunei. Apart, there are a lot of beautiful waterfall and recreation places here. Not forgetting, there are also several breath taking beaches and scenery. Nature lovers would really love to be here as it is still so green and not very much polluted by the development.

Anyway, i'm doing fine now. it's been a month and i'm adjusting well. i arrived here on the 22nd July and now it's now 22August, perfectly a month. Like i said earlier, i'm adjusting and it seems like everything is going as planned. I was, however, hoping for few things that Lawas can't offer but i think it's better than nothing. You can get almost everything easily here.

It's been two years in a row that i have to celebrate most of my Ramadhan days without family. Fortunately, i'l be back with them for Raya or i would be sad on that day. I spent last Raya with my adopted family in Melaka, so i have to celebrate the coming Raya with my family. I miss the kampung raya environment.

Alahamdulillah, this Raya might be a little different as i'm celebrating as a person who is employed. For the past 22 years, i've been celebrating it as a student. Now, i've come a a brand new phase of my life. For a start, i'll be paying my own zakat this year. Everything is so new to me. I have lots of new responsibilities in which i never even care about when i were a student. Everything would be arranged by my uncle who is also my mother and father at the same time. He means the world to me.

If i got my paid this month, i would be buying few things for Raya. Here are the list:
1. Cakes (3 layered cakes)
2. Paint (maybe)
3. new Raya clothes
4. some goodies for my nieces and nephews.

Wishing all my readers happy Ramadhan :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a little update from somewhere in Samarahan

world is going to realize my stupidity. and you are wondering why... you'll see... please forgive me for not able to be a person of certain standard. i guess i'm a loser after all. It's hard, harder to bear than merely knowing about it. I guess i don't need sympathy right now. I'm learning to become someone better and now i'm on my own. Feels like stopping...quitting. I don't know how to describe what i feel but i am surely in so much pain. Ya Allah, please help me go through this. I don't have my mom and my dad on my side. Dear readers, pray for me. Please don't ask me what's going on ok. It's time to put a comma to everything... not yet a full stop.

Friday, June 18, 2010

escaping reality

My friends and me are really tensed right now. We're having KISSM exam tomorrow. You know the equivalent of exam don't you... yup, it means that we have to study and to be honest, i had enough of it after the many2 years of studying. I have lost the momentum. I hardly able to highlight the notes, what more to write it down.

Due to that, Topeq, Rifky and myself decided that we should escape the reality for a while. No,no... it doesn't mean going to game arcade, neither it means going for karaoke. It's as simple as going back to the activity we did together when we were still in IPBL last time. so, presenting...

Mangoes hunting
location: behind the
IPGMBL boys' hostel
time: 1.45-2.30
date: June 18 2010

The past flashes back in my mind. i can vividly remember the time when the three of us and our seniors, Borex, Tham, Jerry, and many others used to climb the tree to plug the mangoes. Usually, the ripe mangoes would fall to the ground and we don't stand a chance to pick it as the cleaners would pick it before us. So, the only way to taste the fruit is by plugging fresh from the tree. So that was what we did. We would take excessively and divide it among us. We would have 'ulam' party and some would be turned into pickles.

Sorry juniors, i dont think you would experience the same because they're cutting down the tree as there would be s new building build there. In fact, the construction is in progress. Pity you all, he3.

Time to get back into reality guys. I have exam tomorrow so it's time to study. We're have 'ulam' party tonight. Till next time, bye.......

Monday, June 14, 2010


Had our lunch at Siswa Korner today. You never know unless you try.

suatu masa dulu

Teringat lak dengan satu lagu nie tp luper tajuk aper... lirik pun ingat sikit-sikit.

♪♪♪ "andai ada, satu hari lagi, ruang dan waktu, yang kumiliki...lalala...
maafkan aku, memang salahku, biarlah semua berlalu... ♫♫♫
(argh... cx reti lak camane nak masukkan imoticon music tu... kene copy paste lak ☻☻☻)

BTW, kalo korang tahu lagu tu, bagitau ek... Teringin lak nak dengar balik. faham-faham jer la, lagu dulu berkualti sampai kalo dengar mesti akan ingat sampai mati. Unlike lagu sekarang la. Lagu sekarang nie macam tak lekat kat telinga nie. Sekejap jer popular, then jatuh... pastu takkan dengar lagi dah. Tapi aku puji lagu-lagu ciptaan Aizat. Dia mmg sangat berbakat. Suara pun sedap. Minggu nie aku layan lagu susun silang kata dia... aku rasa dia akan ada empayar sendiri sama seperti KRU.

Bukan nak tulis pasal lagu hari nie... aku nak cakap pasal kisah hidup aku years back. Zaman carefree. Takyah nak runsing-runsing fikir itu ini. Time kecik-kecik tu, yg aku fikir were just nak makan and nak main. Asal lapar jer, aku terus balik rumah... mesti ada makanan bawah tudung saji. Tapi sebelum makan tu, meti la kene mandi dulu sebab aku nie suka main guli (**menghabiskan koleksi guli yang abag aku menang sbb aku x reti sgt main guli**), so slalu balik kotor. Kalo betul masa, aku, mak n bapak aku akan makan sama-sama. Tapi kene tunggu bapak aku dulu la sebab kitaorang di 'train' makan secara family. (**sedih lak aku mengenangkan suma nie... takkan mampu berulang lagi**)

Biler aku dalam darjah 4-6, aku aktif dalam kebudayaan. Ada jugak aku kene jadi wakil sekolah pergi pertandingan nyanyian. Suara tak sedap pun tapi aku jer antara pilihan yang ada. Pernah la menang juara sekali and naib juara sekali. Yang juara tu aku menang time aku bawak lagu "Boneka Dari India". Kenapa aku leh menang??? Sebab aku mennyanyi sambil menyanyi. Kira ada kelainan la...ha3. Selain tu, aku nie aktif gak menari. Dari tadika lagi aku dah start menari. Selalunya aku perform time orang kawin. Antara lagu-lagu yang pernah aku tarikan adalah Joget Berhibur, Ulik Mayang, and lagu-lagu dangdut :)

Dulu aku pernah jadi BF kepada sorang anak cikgu, nama dia Ridzwan. Dia nie, mmg mr bean. Muka pun dah nak dekat sama. Dia nie LAWAK sangat2 tapi kreatif... sgt2 kreatif. kitaorg suka main buat2 tempat persembunyian. Masing-masing akn cari territory untuk ktorg ubah jadi headquarters. Then ktorg akan pg melawat tempat masing2. Dia nie kira sangat hebat la. Aku lagi suka lepak kat "headquarters" dia sbb dia buat kemas and cantik. Selain tu, kitaorg suka mandi sungai kecik belakang sekolah. Pastu kitaorg akan try carik memerang. Kadng-kadang kitaorg suka kejar memerang. Susah nak dapat pengalaman macam tu sekarang.

Kalo nak cerita tentang zaman aku kecik-kecik, sampai esok pun takkan hbis tulis la. Apa yang aku tahu, kenangan zaman kecik memang antara kenangan-kenangan yang aku takkan lupa. Sayangnya aku takder gambar yang boleh aku kongsikan.

Tapi aku nak kongsi gak la dua gambar aku time sekolah menangah dulu.

Nie la best frens aku time sekolah menengah dulu

Nie lak classmates aku.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Siswa Korner

do join Siswa Korner FB group
-search for 'siswa korner, and join...he3
-you may click the picture for direct link-

Friday, May 28, 2010


Last few days i called home. That is when i received a really disturbing news. My brother is ill. The one i hate the most as he hates me too... Maybe it's just how brothers are. We have never had good conversation. I personally thinks that my brother despise me as i'm not an ideal person to be called brother. People may not feel the stress i'm having but i think you dont want to know. Life has always been so challenging for me. I wish i can be more open about what i'm feeling but i guess i should be more secretive. That's the only thing i have as a fortress keeping me from harm.

My brother is having a sickness cause by some-kind of a voodoo. I hate him but ironically, i care about him. No matter how much hatred i have for him, he's still my brother and i pray for his well-being. I hope that whoever put him into that condition would consider the fact that only God have the right to punish him no matter what wrong he has done to other people. No man have the right to do what appears to be God's duty. May Allah help my brother.

Dear Brother...
Ramzi Junai,
I may not be a brother like what you always wanted, but believe me, i care and pray for your safety. May Allah protect you always. Get well soon dear big brother.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Laskar Pelangi

Saper tak tengok lagi Laskar Pelangi??? Ker aku yang ketingalan. HEBAT!!! Tu jer yang mampu aku katakan untuk menggambarkan kisah hebat ni. Actually, i have had this movie in my external hard disc but i thought it would be an ordinary movie, that is until my best friend tell me just how great this movie is. So i watched it today and eventually cried. This movie is beautiful as it shows the sacrifice and determination of 2 teachers from a dying-religious school in educating 10 students from extremely poor background as they believe that even poor children have the rights to have access to education like any other children. Within the 5 years of educating these children, the teachers as well as the students faced many obstacles in life in which one of the biggest issues is the lacking of financial support to continue the teaching and learning of the students. Like any other movie of the same genre, of course the students grew to be better people. But, there's a little twist to it. Well, the school's best student, one that able to solve mathematical problems within his head, without having to write it down, happens to be someone of not the same fate... want to know about it.... do watch. To arouse your interest, do watch the trailer.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hot, Hard and Hectic

I joined Hotlink for Jom Heboh Putrajaya last weekend and it was a superb experience. Apart from getting paid for selling stuff, i get to know few new friends. Obviously, i doesn't fit the job well. Selling things is just not my cup of tea but it feels great actually try it out. At least i get to polish my soft skills. Guess what, working as promoter has actually taught me a priceless lesson. It taught me to be respectful of people no matter who they are. Well, actually, i've never treated promoters and salespersons badly even if i dont like what they're selling. Just that, being in their shoes makes me feel even more sensitive to their feelings. From the two days of the working experience, i noticed this:

--> Men who think they are handsome and who think that everyone would die just to get to them. and women of the same category.

- i approached almost every type of people, be it men, women, kids, teens, anyone...and i found that these two types of people are the most rude of them all. When these people are approached by salesperson like me, they would just walk pass me without even a smile, not even saying 'it's ok, thanks'. I found this to be rather rude because these people are actually ignoring the existence of me as a salesperson. This is better than the act of showing the 'talk to the hand' sign! How rude!!!

so, here are some of the snapshots from the carnival.



-full house-

-the team-

Monday, May 10, 2010

i just cant believe it

Guess what's new in my blog??? yeah!!! the layout... and i changed it myself this time around. YIPPIE!!! i did more than just choosing a new template this time. I even edited the html; the element of the blog. so i've made few adjustment such as the width and length. and i'm darn HAPPY about it. I hope my followers are happy too.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who do you think is this person?

I think many have not seen this picture of me... This was when i was in kindergarten. I was in the 3rd place and it made my parents so proud of me...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

oh my, i have a blog???

Like the tittle is suggesting, i didn't know that i have a blog... not until today that is...ha3... nah, it's not that i've seriously forgotten about the blog, i jus don't feel like updating it. In fact, i log in to the blogger account everyday yet i dont have any effort to update it... not even posting a single word.

Guess what, i'm impressed with the number of follower of my blog until this very hour. I have 40 followers. It's four(4) owe (0) and it's something that i think an amateur blogger like myself should be proud of. Dear followers, thanks for the support. If you're looking for a great construction of thought using excellent ENGLISH, i think you would be extremely disappointed. I don't have that quality. But if you're wiling to see through my eyes, than you've made the right choice...errr...or at least i think so. So, i think you guys should comment my entry or join the chat box so that i know what you're interested in.

So...are you ready to read what i wish to write about...
ok then, i warn you, it's not going to be beautiful...
sit back, relax and try to enjoy ok...hehehe

TESL 3 IPBL-UKM link 2004/10 has officially finished the 6 year long course. I bet some of them are gaining weight, sitting in front of their laptops and computers doing nothing, and some are trying their very best to gain weight after failing the effort all these years. If you ask me, i would die to have body like David Beckham.


I think it would be possible...(in my dream!!!) wow!!! i want the pax!!! don't get me wrong here, it's not that i want guys with pax... i want the pax to be mine!!! Anyway, like i said, i would die to have such a great body. yet, i'm not complaining about my paddy-sack body. I'm well aware that given a chance, many would die to have my type of body. Especially those who are super thin!!!

Look at that, who would want to be as thin... no one right... as i thought!!!

Enough of the issue of weight. I have better thing to share. I bet you all know GLEE. yes2, the award winning comedy series. Laugh all you want, if you think that i'm left behind of being one of GLEE's biggest fan. Seriously, i cant get enough of GLEE right now. I feel attached to it. WHY??? GLEE reminds me of TESL 3. having different talents in a group would actually bring chaos. it would bring more harm than good. JUST LIKE TESL 3. But!!! with great cooperation and leadership, as well as RESPECT, the group manage to be the best. Dont you agree with me TESL 3? We have been through so much and i think we all know that what i'm saying is true. Right...

As you can see, we have always been successfully performing whatever tasks given to us despite of the fights we may encounter along the way. We manage to pull everything together and be in our utmost best performing spirit. Summer loving, TESL Idol and drama presentation, are only few of our greatest performance as classmates. I miss you guys so much. May God protect each and everyone always.

I think this would be enough for now. but before go, i would live to dedicate this song to TESL 3, each and everyone.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

hidup umpama makan

hidup ini bak makan.
aku makan ini...
lauk ikan, ada ayam... sayur? xnak la. janji aku suka apa yg aku makan.
kau makan itu...
huh? aper benda ko makan tu? mcm cicak jer, hahaha...

x kira apa yg kita makan,
aim kita satu jer,
nak habiskan duit elaun,
eh salah, nak kenyangkan perut yg bergendang tu.

pedas, masam, masin, manis, pahit @ tawar, tu terpulang kat lidah masing2.
ada yg suker makan tomyam pedas,
ader yg suker makan sup ayam,
ader yg suker makan lauk peria, yucks!!!

macam2 rasa dah kita cuba...
macam hidup, macam2 dah kita lalui,
terpulang kpd kt sendiri nak labelkan hidup kita camana.
nak kata masam ker, manis ker, aper ker, sumer tu terpulang atas pandangan masing-masing.
apa yang penting, kita kena sentiasa beringat yang...
"life is not a bed of roses"
tetibe jer, hahaha...

Friday, February 26, 2010

spider web!!!

**I learnt some interesting card games today!!! thanks Men, Rifky, Topek, Nik n Jimmy.**

This blog need some serious cleaning up to do. It has been ages since the last time i edited the blog layout. I'm not good in computer related stuff resulting in self humiliation when i'm with those who are computer savvy. People have been changing their layout or at least improving on the look somewhat like every month and me... it's hardly every once in a blue moon even.
(dont laugh at my english pls....)

what have been happening lately??? hm... nothing much... owh, i'm officially addicted to something... no no, not drugs, you don't have to worry about that. to what u may ask... for that, u need to read my RooMate's blog, particularly the one posted on 22-02-2010. Seriously, i'm on tight budget due to that addiction.

What else... let me see... i'm nothing more than just a lame guy. I have not been into real adventure for years. The last so-call real adventure was during my foundation year when we had a jungle tracking activity at mount serapi. I'll surely explore that mount again sometime. But i hate the leaches. I can still remember having my blood sucked by that thing... gross!!!

My drama group has had our first meeting with the 75% done script today and i'm very pleased with Nurlyana and Harni's great work. They have actually made the drama very easily visualized. I wish i'm as good but i think i can keep dreaming about that. The truth is, my writing sucks. Be it short story, response, short essay and script my standard is not at par with most of my classmates. They say that reading helps a lot but it doesn't work it magic on me obviously. But it's oakay i guess. I think i'm good in other areas. It might not be academic but considering the fact that i have certain talents, it is worth bragging about.

Let me show you what has happened the last few weeks. Let's get started:-

Trip to Kedah & Penang: 28-31 Jan 2010

had nasi dagang for breakfast

at the Alor Setar tower

at Batu Feringgi beach with Hakim, Zeq and Qaseh Qasandra

Dance performance for college family day celebration: first week of February

the dancers, Zana, Zizul and me. Zizul was the former president of the dance club who helped with the make up.

Pre CNY+Valentine's day outing : 13 February 2010

at TGI Friday. Great food, great friends. thanks topeq, sheela, yna and special thanks to dya.

May we are blessed with wealth and prosperity.

At the National Zoo on CNY: 14 February 2010

the first ever encounter with wildlife. Can't believe they have a group of Penguin put in an acquarium without having the temperature adjusted with the actual temperature in the arctic. The penguins must be suffering from the heat. Pity them.

CNY gathering at Mdm So's house and outing at the Curve: 21 February 2010

one of our favorite literature lecturers

Mr Kordi's Bday Celebration : 22 February 2010

at flaming hot steamboat in Sunway. Eat all you can with only RM 21 per person. they even give away free dine in voucher on Tuesday.

These are few of my activities these past 2 months. Most of them are related to eating activities. So you know just what contribute to my latest weight now, hehehe... Till next time, take care, bye...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Negative Aura is all around me.


I believe in aura. It's some sort of energy force which exist around you. Basically there are two (i think so), which are negative and positive aura. We can easily influenced by negative aura by people around us. Reading FB status for instance, it can make you feel sad, angry, and disoriented. And to making things worse, you would then change your FB status to something similarly negative, further spreading the negativeness to your friends. You should be sorry for what you have done. At times, people  just love to bury themselves in self pity. Well, i think it's very normal if it happens once a while, but if it occurs everyday, hm... i guess you need a little mental check there. My hypothesis would be:

1. You are not being truthful to yourself. Be it girls or boys, you need to know who you really are. You need to know what influence you in a negative way and what can make you smile. Explore your feelings and listen to what your heart is saying.

2. You think people hate you. Be sensitive to what people may think of you. It's utterly fine if you don't bother to what people think but do keep in mind that your attitudes may affect your friends too. They might not be comfortable with you. I think you need to be socially alert.

3. You do not have a "real" best friend to talk to. Talking to friends help a lot but bare in mind, not everything can be shared with friends. Be selective of what you wish to tell them. Some secrets may be better left untold. 

4. You're not enjoying your life. Ask yourself why do you feel that way. Maybe you need to be closer to God. Maybe you need to go for window shopping. Or maybe you need a little exercise. Do things that you enjoy.

Mind you, those are just my assumptions. It may not be applicable to you but it's worth trying. I've been badly influenced by negative aura my entire life. Reading people's FB status and blogs make me pretty much affected too. I wish that life is a bed of roses in which it's not. Triumph and tribulation make you a better person. 

I wish i'm a fairy. I would love to put a "happy" magic spell on everyone so that world would be filled with positiveness and laughters. 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My song of the month

Picture of the day~

Taken at the Pavilion KL. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

OMG, Sapri Nanggis lagi

Hmmm... mmg tgh nanggis pon, tp x siapa nampak arr sbb rumet aku pun tgh tdo. Well, aku baru tepikir--->

"aku macam payung. hanya dicari bila perlu. time hujan la. tp kalo time cuaca elok, saper peduli.entah2 dah salah letak, mmg slamanya aku x dpeduli. hanya insan tertentu jer yg akan simpan aku elok2, sbb diaorg syg aku. knapa diaorg sayang aku? sbb aku berbakti dalam hidup diaorg. tapi saper jer yg rasa mcm tu?"

Yer2, ader jer org yg sayang aku tp saper jer? Aku tak tahu nak cakap aper skrang. Bukan bengang, just terkilan. Aku tau, susah nak masuk dgn org macam aku nie. Dah la lembik, sensitip lak tu. tp tu la aku. hm... xper la, mmg susah nak kawan dgn aku. x kisah la. aku pun malas nak pikr sgt, just taht aku nak tulis gak, so that aku dapat luahkan. x la aku gila sorang2. 

Aku sayang Family aku. Aku banyak wat jahat kata arwah mak ayah aku, tp aku bodoh time tu. maner la aku tahu yg aku derhaka. Aku harapkan abg2 aku lepas mak ayah aku xder. tp aku x rasa diaorg peduli pun. dah tu, saper nak adik lembik lembut mcm aku. Korang ingat aku nak ker mcm nie. Mak ayah aku x pernah cakap aper pun tau. Karang saper nak judge aku. Obvious sgt korang xleh trima adik korang mcm nie. Aku x mintak la mcm nie. Aku pun tak suka mcm nie. 

Korang pikir untuk diri korang jer. malu dpt adik mcm aku. pernah ker korang tanyer aku nie sihat ker, dah makan ker, nak mampus ker? pernah? aku x nak susahkan korang tau. sumer benda aku try buat sendiri. x pernah aku mintak tlg korang. tapi tu ker tugas korang jd abg aku. buat x tahu jer. hello, adik korang nie manusia. kalo korang pon boleh rasa marah, sakit hati, kecik ati and such, korang ingat aku x rasa mcm tu ker? 

mesti korang x pernah tahu pun yg aku tiap2 hari sedih jd adik korang. aku xnak tau. sbb aku tahu korang malu. aku kalo leh nak hidup sebatang kara jer. biar la aku pg mintak sedekah jer. xyah aku nak pikir pasal korang. 

Selama nie, aku try jd yg terbaik utk korang. korang buat aku macam bola, aku ikut rentak korang. X pernah pun aku sombong walaupun aku dapat pendidikan lagi tinggi dari korang. 

Ya Allah, ambik la nyawaku cepat. aku x suker bila aku rasa mcm nie. Aku nak nanggis, tapi aku x tahu nak peluk saper.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy New Entry (^c^)


Before I get started, I just want to remind readers that my English is becoming worse, so forgive me for the level of English i'm about to use.

Okay, let's get started. OMG, my last entry was about 2 months ago, that was on 27th of November 2009 and now it's 21st of January 2010. People have even landed on the moon and i'm still here, typing, deleting, facebooking, and not improving a bit in every sense, WT*. Well, I guess people are improving on their on pace but i guess my pace is the slowest! But it doesn't matter, at least it reminds me to the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. You know the winner right... The slower one. That's because people who are slow like me tend to be tedious (duh) and careful (still i injured myself). Nope, that's not it. I'm slow, no doubt, but i'm active. Hell i am. The thing is, maybe it's worth sharing, I think my brain has stopped it's thinking process. Seriously, i'm very slow when it comes to learning. Just read at my posts, they are nonsence!!! and my English has not been improving, it's becoming worse. 

I can feel the brain cell dying inside there. Answering a question is like knocking on the door, expecting an answer and yet no one answers you. That's because there's no one inside. Well, my brain is like that, I've kept knocking this past few years and none of the brain cell answer me. Frustrating isn't it?... hehehe...

Arghh... Enough of me mumbling nonsense. Let me tell you a little bit of what i did these past few weeks. 

The most unforgettable time is when I was broke. I had to starve by eating once a day. Well, that is when I asked my friends to pay back the money I lend them. I should have learnt my lesson of not lending money to other when you yourself is suffering...hehehe

Owh, New Year. I celebrated my new year in KL. No, not to say that's it's a special celebration, just that i had the chance to feel the excitement of celebrating it with the KL crowd. Happening if i may say. It was fun, especially when you have your friends with you. I love the firecrackers. 

Owh, now I'm basically in pain as my knee is injured again... Nope, not because of my dancing activity, in fact, it happened when i went jogging last few days. Thank to Jimmy, who helped me got back to my room, thanks to Robin for the 'KOYOK', thanks to Walter for buying food and being so concern with my condition, thanks to Dhiya and Yana for buying me dinner yesterday, and thanks to all my classmates for being very helpful. I love you all. 

I think i should stop here for now. I have a dance team to look after. Until next time, thanks (",)

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-->My Sweetheart :Asfariza Binti Roslan.