Saturday, June 21, 2008


aih, my junior bg sweater....bes... sk pernah dpt benda mcm tok... bukannya bday pun....hehehe.... rasa seronok tak terhingga... this is the sweater... to Arif...thanks....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

>>>my last chance<<<

i'm joining the BCF (borneo cultural festival) in Sibu this coming July. despite the fact hat i'm leaving for UKM at that articular time, i'm trying my best to make up time so that i can join the BCF and at the same time not breaking any rules of late registration. the BCF is going to be on the 3,4, and 5th while the registration is on 6th. OMG, i'm gonna be very busy by then. i think, i'm going to face some problems especially regarding my luggage. anyway, i hope i can join BFC and not facing any problems. guys, pray for me yea, thanks.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

>>>In MIRI now<<<

the 21-hours journey to MIRI was extremely tiring. however, i had a lot of fun being with the rest of the dancer's famly.... love them so much.... unlike the rest of the dancers, i didn't sleep as much as they did. i had a very hard time closing my eyes, rather not wanting to because there were a lot of interesting new experience during the journey.

its 3 am now. i am so sleepy and tired. just had my bath with the rest of the boys...wah, meriah bilik mandi tadik...hehehe.... ok, here are some pictures that i manage to snapped...

wah2, sempat posing la pulek...hehehe

tayar pecah ler pulek...1 hour, berpanas...nang meng'emo'kan

tok, snapped dlm gelap. sempat Carol pose...

eh, ingatkan nak ambil gmbar b'2 jer... tiba2...

ok la guys, thats all that i can share for now. next time i update my aktiviti di MIRI...till then, chow chin chow...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Since a da request from several people minta d’update’kan blg tok, so here i go... very sorry coz menyepi dari arena seni blogging past few days...i was very busy with my life as a ‘kampung boy’ (bosan sbenarnya,hahaha...) its been two days i’ve been trying to connect to the net but i failed. Celcom is killing me... everything is so slow and problematic. I phone the centre and they said that i would be facing this problem, (unable to connect to the net) until the end of June. This is due to the upgrading of the Celcom system...(mcm sik dpt jak nak dipercayai). Anyway, i hope that i would be able to get access ASAP as i feel so bored without the net.

Talking about the Net, i wonder why is it so important nowadays... i remembered that i used to feel afraid even touching a laptop when i was still in secondary. I knew how to use a computer though. I don’t even have a phone back then. I was given a phone by my brother when i first entered the college (HP buruk ok...hahaha...) Before that, technology was not important. Now that i’m growing older and striving to become expert teacher,hehehe, i cant live without my handphone and my laptop.

During my school time, life was so easy going and fun. I didn’t need to spend in order to have pure fun. Everything was free. But now, everything comes with a price to pay. Things are getting more expensive day by day. Fuel, rice, flour, ...everything.(woi...gine la nak hidup tok...)

Now come to think of the increasing price of many things, i’m afraid of going to UKM. How shall i go for lecture??? I heard hat everyone is depending on the bus service, it means that the busses would most likely be full with students, forcing others to find a way t survive. Maybe i’ll just walk, argh...sik tahan la... or maybe i’ll buy a bike...h...that’s a good idea right. (ataupun, cari sugar mamy ka, sugar daddy ka...hahaha...jd anak ikan...heheehe...(mun dewi baca tok, mesti nya tersengih...hehehe))

Anyway, i just pray that life wouldn’t be too difficult. I want to life an easy life...but i cant wait to teach though...