Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Like I always said, I miss all the IPBLians...miss them so much. however, life must go on. and here, in this new place, life is notas easy as it seems. everyone is trying to best the time. unlike many people, few of my friends and I are quite lucky as our college is situated not far from the canselori. its just next to it. 5 minutes walk from my college or hostel( we used to call it) will bring us to the Canselori, and then the Pusanika(i dont know if this the right spelling). anyway, thanks to the seniors, we manage to survive the very first day in UKM without any confusion (though Syukri, our TESL 1 senior gave us few wrong info). Thanks seniors.

Here are some pictures that i managed to capture during the first day of lecture in UKM...

we were waiting for the U bus
( we didn't know that the faculty is not that far)

This is the Canselory (betul ka ejaan???).
My college is on the right. next to that small hill there.

this is also Canselory

This is my faculty.


Fakulti Pendidikan

that's all that i can mange to take that day. owh, glad to inform everyone that i'll be taking Thai. i just tend to follw the seniors as this maybe a way to improve my pointer. there are actually few more pictures that i would like to share but i guess you would have just to wait untill the next entry. bye, chow chin chow...I MISS MY BROTHER'S & MY IN LAW'S COOKING...


Steve said...

wow! nice pictures....
can't wait to go there and see u guys...