Sunday, December 28, 2008

malas eh...

1 of the many things that i hate the most in my life is packing and moving to a new place. this would therefore include, packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning/arranging things=energy, energy, n lots, lots of energy.

I'm in Zahir's room right now, after doing all of the above duties. I'm very sorry for my what so ever ever right now. I am not in the mood to type better English right now. I'm extremely tired and i'm so lazy that i feel like "sambung tido" though it's 12.00pm.

Actually, i have no idea what to be posted so i just simply type whatever come to my mind. argh...i have to move to Hussain later and i doing it. If only i'm rich, then i would pay people to to that for me. and one more thing, i'm going to have a new roommate and i'm hoping that he would be someone who can handle my attitudes and vice versa.

owh, by the way, we got 2nd runner up for Festival Zapin Makum 2008. Here is the vid...enjoy...