Thursday, February 19, 2009

come back

OMG, it seems like forever since my last entry. Well, basically i have been deadly busy with dance training and performances. The latest show,Tari Tualang Tiga which was last week in UTP was for the Festival of colours of Asia.
Life for me lately has been tough. a lot of things happenned. One of the most hardest thing to accept is the problem with people's attitude. Well, this is afterall my blog right, so it may appear to be more of my perception towards what is happening to me and few people in my life. They might not feel what i feel because they're busy managing their own life, love, friendship, financial... They dont even have time to think of me i guess....
Friends come and go... that's my definition of frinds nowadays. i used to believe in BFF but i'm not so sure now. there were time when i think the friendship i have for these few people are so speacial that it made me confused with the relationship itself. It has been so special, even that person/s fear that it might be more than just friends. But look at us now, we're in saparate dimentions. You have not been explaining anything to me. Why is this happening AGAIN??? we were so close last time. Is it something that i sais to you? Or you're sick with me? pls kindly explains. I know that you set to appear offline in YM. but why?
Shit, i'm late for my Comtemporary Dance class... ok2... till next time... bye for now...