Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have not been blogging enough 'hot' issues so far. I have, actually, a lot of hot issues happening around me right now involving family, friends and those who i despise. It's has been tough, trying to be professional and at the same time, hiding the true feeling of hatred, hurt, burden and etc... I'm very sure the people who i am having problem with do not read my blog by if they do, i wish them to know that they have been successfully making my life miserable. Thank you so much.

owh, i wish to share with all of you how i feel last few days. After the 4 -days exams, I became EXTREMELY LAZY. Usually i sleep at 3-4 a.m. and wake up after 10-11 hours of so call 'beauty' sleep. Isn't that what we call LAZINESS...hahaha... owh, to make things worse, i have not been exercising. Instead, i stuffed myself with Mc D's meals for more than 3 time this week alone. OMG, i don't know what's wrong with me. I'm gaining weight faster than gaining knowledge, ish ish ish, apa nak jd la...

All of this is due to the problems i had i guess. Otherwise, i wont be stuffing 2 pieces of spicy Chicken, an apple Pie, Fries and Chicken Porridge every time I 'singgah' Mc D. thanks to them also, my jeans does not fit me well, and my thongs are very tight.

I have to take action fast before i have to buy new jeans. What I'm practising now is to ignore those who bring problems in my life. the hell with those losers!!! You are not the only people that i have okay... i have a lot more friends who can offer me shoulder to cry on. since I'm no one in your life, so i would like you to know that YOU ARE NO ONE IN MY LIFE!!! HA HA HA...


Nana said...

Thongs?? hahahaha~~~ Sapri Sapri... nasib imagination kmk sik diactivate kinek....p maseh juak~ hahhahahahahaha. About that YOU ya. Good luck la~ hehe. I've been there. Ignorance got me where I am today which is so so so much better. Hehe.