Friday, May 8, 2009

Have you ever...

Have you ever try to put yourself into my shoes. Trying my very best to please the whole world; putting my own importance aside, considering their feelings before myself. I am very tired. Tired of making people smile, laugh... when they do not even know that I'm hurting myself, struggling to suppress the burden I feel inside. Shit...i'm nagging...LOL

Ya Allah, another 'dugaan' for me... i deleted the 360 word essay i typed just now... argh.... bencik li jak... tp sikpa la... DUGAAN... let uus look at the bright side. Maybe He just want me to spend some more time typing this entry and further looking into things and trying to look into the bright side of life. Unfortunately, though ii try hard to seek for the so call silver lining, my mentality does not allow me to do too much of thinking over the conflicts i'm having.

Why???(why is the because...hahaha... sajer jer merapu...) Why can't I see it like other people do??? give me comments... see if you can help me with what i'm having now...