Tuesday, July 7, 2009

making a STATEMENT

to all dear readers, do not be dishearted with my previous entry. I'm sorry to have complaining so much about SMK Abdul Jalil but facts remain as facts. After almost 2 months, i learn a lot from the school. i'm enjoying myself now. actually, the entry was written when i was not in a good mood. but now, i'm actually learning a lot of precious things from the school. I'm going to have a difficult time leaving this school.
to all the teachers of SMK Abdul Jalil, i'm very sorry if ever i did anything wrong. i hope my visit to the school brings sweet memories rather than a bad ones.
to the English panels, thanks for the support and love. I learnt a lot from all of you.
to all the students, I wish you all luck for you life. To 2Ceria and 1Ikhlas, I'm going to miss all of you. do keep in touch yea. keep on learning English. You may not see the rationale now but someday you will know why i force all of you to use English.
To SMK ABDUL JALIL...thanks for the memories.