Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Taken at the Pavilion KL. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

OMG, Sapri Nanggis lagi

Hmmm... mmg tgh nanggis pon, tp x siapa nampak arr sbb rumet aku pun tgh tdo. Well, aku baru tepikir--->

"aku macam payung. hanya dicari bila perlu. time hujan la. tp kalo time cuaca elok, saper peduli.entah2 dah salah letak, mmg slamanya aku x dpeduli. hanya insan tertentu jer yg akan simpan aku elok2, sbb diaorg syg aku. knapa diaorg sayang aku? sbb aku berbakti dalam hidup diaorg. tapi saper jer yg rasa mcm tu?"

Yer2, ader jer org yg sayang aku tp saper jer? Aku tak tahu nak cakap aper skrang. Bukan bengang, just terkilan. Aku tau, susah nak masuk dgn org macam aku nie. Dah la lembik, sensitip lak tu. tp tu la aku. hm... xper la, mmg susah nak kawan dgn aku. x kisah la. aku pun malas nak pikr sgt, just taht aku nak tulis gak, so that aku dapat luahkan. x la aku gila sorang2. 

Aku sayang Family aku. Aku banyak wat jahat kata arwah mak ayah aku, tp aku bodoh time tu. maner la aku tahu yg aku derhaka. Aku harapkan abg2 aku lepas mak ayah aku xder. tp aku x rasa diaorg peduli pun. dah tu, saper nak adik lembik lembut mcm aku. Korang ingat aku nak ker mcm nie. Mak ayah aku x pernah cakap aper pun tau. Karang saper nak judge aku. Obvious sgt korang xleh trima adik korang mcm nie. Aku x mintak la mcm nie. Aku pun tak suka mcm nie. 

Korang pikir untuk diri korang jer. malu dpt adik mcm aku. pernah ker korang tanyer aku nie sihat ker, dah makan ker, nak mampus ker? pernah? aku x nak susahkan korang tau. sumer benda aku try buat sendiri. x pernah aku mintak tlg korang. tapi tu ker tugas korang jd abg aku. buat x tahu jer. hello, adik korang nie manusia. kalo korang pon boleh rasa marah, sakit hati, kecik ati and such, korang ingat aku x rasa mcm tu ker? 

mesti korang x pernah tahu pun yg aku tiap2 hari sedih jd adik korang. aku xnak tau. sbb aku tahu korang malu. aku kalo leh nak hidup sebatang kara jer. biar la aku pg mintak sedekah jer. xyah aku nak pikir pasal korang. 

Selama nie, aku try jd yg terbaik utk korang. korang buat aku macam bola, aku ikut rentak korang. X pernah pun aku sombong walaupun aku dapat pendidikan lagi tinggi dari korang. 

Ya Allah, ambik la nyawaku cepat. aku x suker bila aku rasa mcm nie. Aku nak nanggis, tapi aku x tahu nak peluk saper.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy New Entry (^c^)


Before I get started, I just want to remind readers that my English is becoming worse, so forgive me for the level of English i'm about to use.

Okay, let's get started. OMG, my last entry was about 2 months ago, that was on 27th of November 2009 and now it's 21st of January 2010. People have even landed on the moon and i'm still here, typing, deleting, facebooking, and not improving a bit in every sense, WT*. Well, I guess people are improving on their on pace but i guess my pace is the slowest! But it doesn't matter, at least it reminds me to the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. You know the winner right... The slower one. That's because people who are slow like me tend to be tedious (duh) and careful (still i injured myself). Nope, that's not it. I'm slow, no doubt, but i'm active. Hell i am. The thing is, maybe it's worth sharing, I think my brain has stopped it's thinking process. Seriously, i'm very slow when it comes to learning. Just read at my posts, they are nonsence!!! and my English has not been improving, it's becoming worse. 

I can feel the brain cell dying inside there. Answering a question is like knocking on the door, expecting an answer and yet no one answers you. That's because there's no one inside. Well, my brain is like that, I've kept knocking this past few years and none of the brain cell answer me. Frustrating isn't it?... hehehe...

Arghh... Enough of me mumbling nonsense. Let me tell you a little bit of what i did these past few weeks. 

The most unforgettable time is when I was broke. I had to starve by eating once a day. Well, that is when I asked my friends to pay back the money I lend them. I should have learnt my lesson of not lending money to other when you yourself is suffering...hehehe

Owh, New Year. I celebrated my new year in KL. No, not to say that's it's a special celebration, just that i had the chance to feel the excitement of celebrating it with the KL crowd. Happening if i may say. It was fun, especially when you have your friends with you. I love the firecrackers. 

Owh, now I'm basically in pain as my knee is injured again... Nope, not because of my dancing activity, in fact, it happened when i went jogging last few days. Thank to Jimmy, who helped me got back to my room, thanks to Robin for the 'KOYOK', thanks to Walter for buying food and being so concern with my condition, thanks to Dhiya and Yana for buying me dinner yesterday, and thanks to all my classmates for being very helpful. I love you all. 

I think i should stop here for now. I have a dance team to look after. Until next time, thanks (",)

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-->My Sweetheart :Asfariza Binti Roslan.