Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Negative Aura is all around me.


I believe in aura. It's some sort of energy force which exist around you. Basically there are two (i think so), which are negative and positive aura. We can easily influenced by negative aura by people around us. Reading FB status for instance, it can make you feel sad, angry, and disoriented. And to making things worse, you would then change your FB status to something similarly negative, further spreading the negativeness to your friends. You should be sorry for what you have done. At times, people  just love to bury themselves in self pity. Well, i think it's very normal if it happens once a while, but if it occurs everyday, hm... i guess you need a little mental check there. My hypothesis would be:

1. You are not being truthful to yourself. Be it girls or boys, you need to know who you really are. You need to know what influence you in a negative way and what can make you smile. Explore your feelings and listen to what your heart is saying.

2. You think people hate you. Be sensitive to what people may think of you. It's utterly fine if you don't bother to what people think but do keep in mind that your attitudes may affect your friends too. They might not be comfortable with you. I think you need to be socially alert.

3. You do not have a "real" best friend to talk to. Talking to friends help a lot but bare in mind, not everything can be shared with friends. Be selective of what you wish to tell them. Some secrets may be better left untold. 

4. You're not enjoying your life. Ask yourself why do you feel that way. Maybe you need to be closer to God. Maybe you need to go for window shopping. Or maybe you need a little exercise. Do things that you enjoy.

Mind you, those are just my assumptions. It may not be applicable to you but it's worth trying. I've been badly influenced by negative aura my entire life. Reading people's FB status and blogs make me pretty much affected too. I wish that life is a bed of roses in which it's not. Triumph and tribulation make you a better person. 

I wish i'm a fairy. I would love to put a "happy" magic spell on everyone so that world would be filled with positiveness and laughters. 


QieYaH said...

warghh.. aku terasa.. hypothesis berjaya..hehe.. and aku suka lagu lenak, the showw. kiut ho video klip nya ;p

BuMbLe BooGiE said...

Lenka la kiah...hehehe...
hm... bena ka?
aku ada sigek gik hypothesis jee.
hahaha, tp nya apply utk laki jak la. kenak laki emo2... sbb nya ukan laki bena, wakaka... nya pms bah, hehehe

QieYaH said...

eh..salah taip..haha.. lenka.. wah.. kannn..hypothesis ya cam wujud jer.. hahahha.. lagu dangerous and sweet best juak. lagu mika. we are golden.hehe

BuMbLe BooGiE said...

besh juak dangerous and sweet. aku suka taylor swift-picture to burn..hehehe

darwes said...

life is a bed of roses.. you just can't put your whole weight on it or you'll feel the thorns on the stems.. place the right amount of weight and feel the softness of the rose petals caressing your is about balance. we learn things through its opposite.

Aaron Thomae said...

I really enjoy reading your blog, please read mine and let me know what you think!

Keep up the good work!

BuMbLe BooGiE said...

hello Darwes.
it's very true.Life is all about balance. once u're happy and next u're sad, that's just fair enough. through mistakes we grow stronger and through wrong steps we learn to be better.

hi aaron
thanks for dropping by.

G.Ancuta said...