Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hot, Hard and Hectic

I joined Hotlink for Jom Heboh Putrajaya last weekend and it was a superb experience. Apart from getting paid for selling stuff, i get to know few new friends. Obviously, i doesn't fit the job well. Selling things is just not my cup of tea but it feels great actually try it out. At least i get to polish my soft skills. Guess what, working as promoter has actually taught me a priceless lesson. It taught me to be respectful of people no matter who they are. Well, actually, i've never treated promoters and salespersons badly even if i dont like what they're selling. Just that, being in their shoes makes me feel even more sensitive to their feelings. From the two days of the working experience, i noticed this:

--> Men who think they are handsome and who think that everyone would die just to get to them. and women of the same category.

- i approached almost every type of people, be it men, women, kids, teens, anyone...and i found that these two types of people are the most rude of them all. When these people are approached by salesperson like me, they would just walk pass me without even a smile, not even saying 'it's ok, thanks'. I found this to be rather rude because these people are actually ignoring the existence of me as a salesperson. This is better than the act of showing the 'talk to the hand' sign! How rude!!!

so, here are some of the snapshots from the carnival.



-full house-

-the team-


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Robin Wong said...

haha..i can imagine how u approach people, sap...=P good that u have enjoyed urself and gained new experience.=))

BuMbLe BooGiE said...

had so much fun jee tp i dah makin hitam eh...he3