Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teaching Literature

Ever notice that students love to chat? now, why dont we put that to good use. Here is a lesson plan which is both interesting and effective.


1. Provide cards or pieces of paper consisting an information about the literature text you wish to touch on. You may have important details, textual evidence, characteristics and so on.

2. Provide students with another larger piece of paper for the students to write the information they gather from others. (it would be much better if the teacher provide a mind map with blanks to be filled with the information gathered.

3. Ask the students to ask around for as much information. The rule is, the students must share the information they have with each other when they are conversing. The activity must be carried out in a gossiping manner to make it more interesting and to ensure that only those who ask around can get the information.

4. The teacher can include also false information in order to make sure that they students know their text very well.

5. The teacher can design this activity into a mystery solving activity to make it more interesting.
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*this lesson focuses on the speaking, listening and writing skills.


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Anonymous said...

good rendition of teaching