Saturday, April 12, 2008

>>>i've lost my sense of friendship<<<

i used to treasure a friendship that i thought to be the one that i can hold o to. now, its gone; totally. rasa sik best jak tulis dlm eng, x dpt nak express feelings. lets make it mix la ho. dolok2 i used to be very angry when people gave negative remarks about friendship because i treasure friendship as something sacred. tp skarang i can understand the reason why people do not have faith in friendship; simply because they have been experiencing very sad moments when with their friendship circle. mungkin ada org susah nak faham tp i just hope that these people wont be experiencing the same thing as its very sad to lose a fren.

sapa maok berjaik... pasti sik da. suma org maok kekal tp smtimes things happen. the very hard thing to do is to satisfy your friends. they may come from different groups of people so this may make it hard for one to satisfy both parties. no one should be blame though. we should all try to understand what one may be facing but i guess some failed to do that.

its has been happening so many time, not only me, but to other people as well. face it, dont you think you too might be the cause of the problem??? well, if you're so confident that you're not, i cant do anything. if along the way one may lose his/her friends because his/her true reason not asking for forgiveness from his/her friends is due to the fact that he/she wants his/her friends to understand that they might be the cause of the conflict, i think it's fair enough. "the thought is what matter right...."

life is just like a drama. we're the actors and actresses. sad as it may sound, the show will end anyway. so just play our part; make it the best, you'll might win an award for that. sometimes, things do not go as plan because we can only plan but the Almighty is the one that controls everything. He can give us anything, even those that is unthinkable, but he can also take it back that instance.


Lyana said...

E eh....kmk terskip entry tok. Hehe... I quote, "Friendship is just a word but my friends give it a meaning"..hehe. Tapi sikpat deny juak that life would be dull if there were no such difficulties....polisi kmk utk sik disakiti is (you ignore me=I ignore you)....Peanut!