Sunday, May 11, 2008

>>>thanks for the dream God<<<

its mother's day and like any other children, i would also want to tell my mother how i dearly i love her. sadly, i dont have that opportunity... she's no longer with me. this morning i dreamed of her. she was so beautiful when i dreamed of her today. thanks God for the dream. at least, i still have that mother-son bond, and its still strong... mom, i miss u a lot... cant wait to meet you. thanks for showing me how great a mother's love is and mom, i'm so sorry for every wrong that i've done. thanks for being such a wonderful mom. you were the best!!!


Hairunisa said...
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Lyana said...

Sori Sori...kmk terpake account hai comment nak first ya. Hehe.... Sori Hai. Auk...entry ini memang menyentuh hati...nak tadik BI..sikpalah. I'm sure your mum is so proud of you. Anak nya fames gik ya...hehe. Tabahkan hati k?? muah muah. xoxo

Hairunisa said...

hahahah...lawak na nana..sekpa...anyway,sapri,be strong..she's still in ur heart..btw,kmk dah pindah blog...migrate ke blogspot