Thursday, October 30, 2008


OMG, i'm so bored right now. unlike my friends, i dont feel like enjoying blogging anymore. i dont know, maybe i dont have issues to blog about. anyway, yesterday Zahir phoned me; telling me a shocking news. guess what, i'm selected as one of the dancers to compete in one of the most prestigous competitions that i've always dreamt of, MAKUM zapin competition. its an intervarsity competition which i always wanted to join at least as crew if not the main dancers. now, i'm given an opportunity to compete and i'm very honoured. i've been thinking a lot about it and i've even annoyed my roomate, Walter and my friend, Robin, and not forgetting my senior, Hakim with my worries and concerns. i have a very low self esteem right now. i cant figure out what actually is troubling me but one thing that i know is that the feelings make me weak. expectations are high and its a burden extremely unbearable for me. my study week has gone wasted thinking about this. i've never had a competition these past 4 years and the last time i know, i was totally upset with the result. anyway, i hope that the feelings will be gone ASAP as i have an exam next week and i haven't study... Wish me luck k...