Friday, October 17, 2008

i had a safari full of animals in my stomach

it's was actually a very tough task for us. to be honest, we had a terrible time dealing with the tree diagram, the mapping rules, the activity for micro teaching and even the topic itself. if we were to cover all the subtopics in the grammar book, i'm sure that the presentation would take 2 days to finish.

on behalf of my group members, i would like to apologize for the mistakes we made in the topical presentation as well as the microteaching. to those who we might have offended during the preentation, we are sincerely very sorry. we meant no harm.

i'm glad that the topical presentation and the microteaching were successfully done though i personally think that we did just ok, not excellent. anyway, i believe the flaws mean that we're human being; not perfect in things that we do. it was a wonderful memory to be the teacher teaching TESL IPBL-UKM cohort 3. guys, no matter what people say, trust me, we rock!!!hehehe...

thanks for the wonderful and motivating comments. i hope that we all learn something yesterday. well, one of it, we ought to look back and we ought to realize how close we were back then.

special thanks for my lovely group members, Dewi and Zakiah for being so thoughtful and helpful. we all did an excellent job complementing each other. the two of you are so hardworking and i wish i can be just like the two of you.

special thanks to my ever supportive room mate, Walter Umpang, for his thoughtful and motivating critics. sorry to bother you with my lesson plan when you're busy with you own work. thank you so much walter. thanks once again to all of my lovely classmates, TESL IPBL-UKM cohort 3. to the next 2 groups, i wish you best of luck.