Tuesday, October 27, 2009

At Last!!! An Entry For A Diva; Misha Omar

Misha Omar @ Samihah Omar, someone who needs no further introduction. Someone i adore so much ever since the first day i heard her 'nightingale'ly -beautiful voice. She has impress many with her soulful singing and entertaining acting on the stage. Despite her busy life as a mother, she still ROCKS whenever she performs. After 6 years of dreaming to meet the "bunga-bunga cinta" singer, at last i had the opportunity right in front of my eyes. She was one of the artists who perform at a futsal(what's the english word for it anyway?) match in UKM organized by KOSMO on the 11th of October 2009. I was so excited. The six-year of waiting was to it's end.

So, there i was, waiting for Misha Omar to arrive. I was in the building anyway since i was having a dance practice there. I couldn't concentrate to my practice but my choreographer and my team mates knew that i was anxious to meet my idol. I saw Tomok backstage. Where's Misha Omar? After few minutes of waiting, i asked a woman. I kind of knew that she was the officer in-charged of artists for the event. She told me that Misha Omar was on her way and caught in traffic jam. So i bet she would be a little late. So i went back to continue my practice; still not focusing. 

After 10 munites, i went to check again with Amirul. There she was, talking to the people there. She was adorable. She was lovely. She was MISHA OMAR!!! God, i adore her so much. I didn't do much. I was just standing there. I was so nervous. I was unable to move nor speak. She was right in front of my eyes. It was Amirul who talked to Misha, saying that i would die to have a photo taken with her.

She was smiling at me!!! God, I'm being too obsessed! So i took few pictures with her before she was called to perform. I ran to DECTAR to watch her perform. She was STUNNING!!! She sang 4 songs. Aidilfitri, Pupus, a medley of Pulangkan and Bunga-Bunga Cinta. Well, she didn't actualy fullly able to sing as the fans were gathering around her, taking picture. She was so adorable when she stopped singing and pose for her fans. 

After finishing her last song, she was asked by the organizer to give away some goodies. So she thrown a question to the audience. "Where am I (Misha Omar) from?"

I ran to the stage! I'm a fan, of course i know. It would be a piece of cake for me. So i answered, "Kelantan!!!"

She challenge me for another question as she wished to know whether i'm truly a fan. So she asked these questions:

How many album do I have? 

after few minutes pause, i answered 3

What is the name of my son?

Adam (dont quite remember the full name but i guess that's enough)

She was impressed and further challenged me. She asked me to imitate her @ act as if i'm her. That would be the easiest task. I have been studying her performance videos for the past 6 years! So i grab the Mic from her and started to imitate her. I was forgotten that the hall was full with people. but i don't bother! The most important thing is that i have finally met my idol.

After giving away few more goodies, she went to the backstage. I ran to the back to thank her for the great day. Instead of merely thanking her, i had a 10-15 minutes chat with her. She told me that she felt so honored to have a fan like me. we had a little chat about her career, her life, my life, and her activities. We even talked about "Sehati Sejiwa", a TV program she hosts. And I even managed to ask her about her project in producing video clip for her few latest songs. I was so excited to know that the video was in it's final editing. Can't wait to have them.

She had made that day a wonderful one. My 6-year dream of meeting her has finally came true. To Misha Omar, I wish you all the best in life. May Allah protect you always. 

p/s -->wish to meet you again soon.


Walt said...

Wow!!! Juara lagu, SAMIHAH OMAR BUnga2 Cinta!!!