Friday, June 18, 2010

escaping reality

My friends and me are really tensed right now. We're having KISSM exam tomorrow. You know the equivalent of exam don't you... yup, it means that we have to study and to be honest, i had enough of it after the many2 years of studying. I have lost the momentum. I hardly able to highlight the notes, what more to write it down.

Due to that, Topeq, Rifky and myself decided that we should escape the reality for a while. No,no... it doesn't mean going to game arcade, neither it means going for karaoke. It's as simple as going back to the activity we did together when we were still in IPBL last time. so, presenting...

Mangoes hunting
location: behind the
IPGMBL boys' hostel
time: 1.45-2.30
date: June 18 2010

The past flashes back in my mind. i can vividly remember the time when the three of us and our seniors, Borex, Tham, Jerry, and many others used to climb the tree to plug the mangoes. Usually, the ripe mangoes would fall to the ground and we don't stand a chance to pick it as the cleaners would pick it before us. So, the only way to taste the fruit is by plugging fresh from the tree. So that was what we did. We would take excessively and divide it among us. We would have 'ulam' party and some would be turned into pickles.

Sorry juniors, i dont think you would experience the same because they're cutting down the tree as there would be s new building build there. In fact, the construction is in progress. Pity you all, he3.

Time to get back into reality guys. I have exam tomorrow so it's time to study. We're have 'ulam' party tonight. Till next time, bye.......


Hakim said...

seronoknya tgk korang..
all the best for u and ur future undertaking..
u seem to be enjoying every single moment in ur life lately.
wishing it would last forever for both of us. AMIN!!

dan akulah perempuan separa muda itu. said...

manis kaa mangga sia... sik tauk ada pohon mangga rah sia..hohoh

Roserina said...

hahahahahaha :)))))))))
toklah yang berulam sampei nangga mariah ya???
hahahahahahahaha :)))))))))))

BuMbLe BooGiE said...

jee H: enjuoyed myself so much. betapa aku perlukan kawan2 dklm hidup jee...

dan akulah: ada... tp kawasan ya dah nak d roboh... like i said la... sikpa, nak makan buah mangga, beli jak la... tp sikda joy la...he3

rodza; yup... sia la mek org amek buah asam pakei berulam ya... banyak gik mek tetak dr berulam....ha3...