Wednesday, March 12, 2008

dont be fake

I don’t know exactly the reason for me to feel like this but it seems very obvious: the fake expression people put on their face. Knowing the fact that something going on between us, we kept it aside, thinking that it may not be that serious, thinking that it would go away as time passes. Day by day, that feeling that we have, the conflict that we’re having is getting so unbearable that things turn to be worse; not as expected. It’s sad to actually notice the changes people go through but incapable of altering anything or making thing better. Hence, we put on fake expression, hoping that it works as a camouflage and thinking that it is unnoticeable.
Well, for some, it might work. They don’t care less of what is going on. For them, the world is all about themselves. Sadly, there are people who suffer badly due to the fake friendship that we hold on to. I wont state any incident that shows the insensitivity of my friends towards my opinion regarding their action because i think things might get worse. Its good that they are showing their true colour and that it makes me think twice before actually jump into a conclusion about something.
This writing might not make any sense if you’re one of those who live your life to yourself, and no one than yourself, but it does point out the so call little conflict that people of my side of the case feel. Friendship is now so cheap for me. It reflects more of the possessiveness and insensitivity of people so call friends towards others’ feelings. It is so hurtful to actually be expressed in words. Only those of the same fate may understand the pain deep inside which remains unnoticeable.
If these so call friends whom i knew for so many years can actually do this, i should be prepared for more. Things might get even worse in UKM, i bet. Maybe there wont be any friendship to hold on to anymore. We’ll just live our life depending only on ourselves because friends are just too disbelieving to rely on. At last, we’ll be hating each other friends... i don’t want to have that feelings.


Lyana_2202 said...

Sapri....this is my motto...siktauk kitakla....friendship is fake if you want it to be fake...kadang2 apa yg kitak interpret ya lain dr perkara yg sbenar.....bak kata mdm so...try to look from other perspectives....mun kmk salah seorg yg kitak rasa fake ya that mintak maapla....there are times, kitak harus berpaut pd diri sendiri sbb mak mek NO ONE!...kawan dunia sik semestinya kawan akhirat....(^_^)

BuMbLe BooGiE said...

mmg benar apa yg ktk padah ya. i've listen to so may stories and i think it has made me a wiser person. d thing is, tok adalah luahan hati kmk coz for me, benda tok boleh d elak. its just too obvious. scr jujur, kmk sik point kat ktk. 4 me, u're 1 of the most trueful fren.

Lyana_2202 said...

Ok...ada typo error..haha. "yg kitak rasa ya that (then)..." baruk btol. hehe..

L.A.L.A said...

sempat indah ngator typo.. hahaa.. kiut~!